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Found 10 results

  1. John's Grill is a pretty good restaurant. The bar is small, and so is the rest of the place, but scoring a seat and settling in is one of the better ways to enjoy a feeling of old San Francisco. First, let's get some history out of the way. It was the backdrop of The Maltese Falcon, and its walls are covered by celebrity pictures of those who dined here over the past 110 years or so. Think of a place where the Postal Service rolled out its commemorative Humphrey Bogart stamp here, with Arnold Schwarzenegger joining a rendition of "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" at the ceremony. I've eaten (and drank) at John's on every one of my annual visits over the years, and the food is quite good. This isn't fine-dining, but for those of us from the Washington DC area who enjoy the The Monocle on Capitol Hill, Martin's Tavern, Old Ebbitt Grill, or the Occidental Grill, it's somewhere in between all of these sorts of time-worn establishments. I've had an absolutely perfectly executed Negroni at the bar, and I've enjoyed some truly great Cioppino in the dining room. This is also a good restaurant for steaks and burgers, at a good price. And a club sandwich for lunch one day was worth ordering again, as was the perfect side of fries, hot out of the fryer. I'll continue to frequent John's whenever I'm in town. The ongoing subway construction is an impediment, but if you're on foot, it's not much of a problem.
  2. In a city that's overrun by them, what are your criteria for deciding on your personal fave? Is it just the beef itself? Is it the dishes the kitchen pulls off BESIDES their steaks (apps, vegetarian dishes, chicken, fish,etc...)? Is it the sides? Service? Wine list?
  3. Yes, it's going in the former veterinary clinic near the Belga; it will be called Senart's Oyster House, after an old ghost mural that is painted on the outside wall of the building.
  4. I was at the Organic Butcher yesterday, and saw two pieces of Wagyu in the shape of a rectangular prism. Not recognizing the cut, I asked what it was, and was told (enthusiastically) that this was a Denver Cut. Ah! The Denver Cut - I've heard of it before, and I may have even had it before at Ray's the Steaks; I'm just not sure. It wasn't even "invented" until the late 1990s, and has been ranked as the 4th-most-tender cut of beef there is (behind the tenderloin, the flat iron, and the calotte). I've viewed some videos about how to extract a Denver Cut from a prime cut, and there's no way in hell I'd be able to figure this out without extensive training - butchery is much more complicated than people may think. Interestingly, I was warned that one of the two steaks I purchased was improperly cut, and there's a band of meat running along the top which is known as the Palomilla cut (as in Bistec de Palomilla) - this is a much tougher cut, and it will be interesting to compare the two, side-by-side. I appreciate the salesman at Organic Butcher advising me about this, as the entire steak was priced as a Denver Cut. Here are pictures of the two steaks - the one which has the band of Palomilla will be obvious:
  5. The Flaming Pit - Gaithersburg MD This restaurant has been here forever. I had never been there until last night. We were a group of about fifteen so I was expecting mediocre food with lousy service. I was totally shocked - The bread is made fresh there - It was definitely made that day very fresh and tasty. The Prime Rib had incredible flavor and was the best that I have had in a very long time. This summer I have been business traveling a lot, so my tastebuds may be getting used to mediocre to poor hotel travel food and something that was above average tasted incredible - But I really enjoyed it. This is a definite go back for me - Did a board search and did not even get a hit - Montgomery County folks - Please chime in.
  6. I stopped into the District Chophouse for a post-hockey beer this week, and I'm aghast that I'd never been there before. I didn't realize they brewed their own beer, and the menu looks to be good steakhouse fare at a much lower cost than most steakhouses. But all I had the chance to try was beer.* Who's been in to eat? I'm thinking of taking dad there next week when he's in town. Advisable? Recommendations? *The bourbon stout was very interesting, but two of us thought it got pretty tired and overwhelming about a half pint in. The ale was terrific, and there are a lot of other interesting brews I'm interested in trying.
  7. Richard Gorelick of The Baltimore Sun reviews Oyster Bay Grille (website) in Towson Square, and not terribly favorably.
  8. Mom and I were by Union Square checking out the holiday market which was really quite cool and needed to eat before our show. Mesa Grill was about a block or two away and I knew we could get something at the bar and then catch a cab to our show in the right amount of time. Mom was tired of walking and wanted a glass of wine so it just all worked out to be a good place to go. We just sat at the bar and service there was really good, very nice bartender, I liked my peach margarita, fresh ingredients, not overly sweet and just refreshing. We ordered the blue pancake with duck barbecue, bison steak with onion straws and a side of mashed potatoes. The food was actually very very good. I loved the blue corn pancake with duck bbq. The flavors were excellent, the duck was rich, sauces fit it just right, was very very tender and just good. The bison steak was cooked right to medium rare- seriously, I was impressed with how right on the temperature was. It tasted excellent, sauces again really good. The real winner was the mashed potatoes with lots of chives, parsley and butter. Oh they were excellent. My Mom commented that she was impressed that they were real potatoes that were mashed well, but still had an almost homemade texture to them, not a potato puree at all, mashed potatoes. They were so good I almost liked the little cup they came in. I wish I would have ordered the meatball appetizers, our neighbors got them and OMFG did they smell good. Anyway they got us in and out in very quick time and the food was very good. But we had wanted some red meat and something kind of substantial americanish so it hit the spot.
  9. The new McComic and Schtick and Jimmy’s Harborside collaboration - downeast surf and Kansas City turf concept place opens in downtown DC (at 1700 K St. along with Caribou Coffee) and nary a peep from JG – can that possibly be? Their website says they are using “Old K.C. Branded Kansas City Custom Dry Aged Beef ... sourced straight from our nation’s heartland.” Most of us could guess the menu without looking: lunchtime Kobe (how very KC!) beef burgers, calamari, crabcakes, turkey clubs; dinnertime strip steaks and cowboy steaks, halibut, salmon, creamed spinach, and of course, the surf and turf consisting of one 12 oz. filet and one-pound lobster tail (for a modest $79). Who writes this stuff?
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