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  1. A friend last night was raving about this place and I couldn't find a thread for it here. It's a weekday-only, lunch-only place. Inconvenient, but maybe worth a trip one workday. DCist covered it last year, couldn't find coverage in wp, etc. Mangialardo & Sons, Inc. 1317 Pennsylvania Ave., SE 202-543-6212 Metro: Potomac Avenue
  2. A coworker is touting the quality of Vace's pizza, saying it's the best slice in the city. Having never been, and not seeing a thread for it here, I ask for your opinions. There's also a Bethesda location. http://www.vaceitaliandeli.com/ 3315 Connecticutt Avenue (202) 363-1999 (Cleveland Park) 4705 Miller Avenue (301) 654-6367 (Bethesda)
  3. Slice of Rockville is hidden in the Woodley Gardens Shopping Center, which you can see traveling on 270 northbound, but is not so easy to find unless you are familiar with the back roads of Rockville. I would not call this a destination spot, but you could do worse in that neck of the woods. I have been hitting this spot a couple times a month for the last year or so. The pizza is more than serviceable, if not spectacular. I tend to favor the sandwiches. They are a tad more than basic, with several of them quite good such as the Downtown (turkey breast, romaine, and cranberry relish) and the Rock Creek (Virginia baked ham, brie, honey mustard, and fig jam). In the winter months they offer a rotating selection of homemade soups, which I have also enjoyed. More importantly, perhaps, is the homey vibe this place exudes. Every time I stop by for lunch seemingly many of the customers know each other and the staff and do a little catching up while placing their orders. It is quite small with only a handful of tables, but is a nice neighborhood spot worthy of some support if you find yourself in the area.
  4. With no evidence to back it up, I've always believed it's an artificial smell meant to evoke bread baking, not actual bread baking. Something "cooked up" (ha ha) in a lab somewhere off the New Jersey Turnpike.
  5. The last time (and I do mean last time) I was in Al's the owner, who I assume is Al, yelled at a woman calling her a "Dumb F***ing Bitch" because she had the audacity to ask why it took 45 minutes to make her sandwich when someone who came in after her and order the exact same sandwich had already been given their order. She asked politely, and Al's behavior was absolutely unacceptable. I think that it is fitting that he has an autographed picture of Ike Turner on the wall, the personalities match.
  6. This deserves its own thread, but we ordered delivery from Grazie Grazie on Monday and really enjoyed it. Things like salads and sandwiches suffer a bit on delivery, rather than eating them there, but the 8+1, the new version of the 9th Street Italian, reminded me of original Taylor. I'll order again.
  7. Jerry's Subs and Pizza, a Gaithersburg-based chain originally founded in Wheaton, is undergoing expansion, with a downtown Silver Spring location opening yesterday: "Jerry's Subs and Pizza Opens on Colesville Road" by Mike Diegel on sourceofthespring.com
  8. Subway at 2424 Wilson Blvd will be closing on Nov 13, 2018 per a note on their POS system. There is a large for lease sign on their window. Had to be the rent. So much for very miserable, but very inexpensive food in the neighborhood.
  9. It's easy to use Potbelly as a symbol of corporate sandwich chains in the area, given their whiplash expansion, cookie cutter atmosphere, and non-local ownership. The faux-homely appearance and ad copy make Garrison Keillor look like a modernist, the name falls short of being inspirational, and the lines make it look like an airport security checkpoint. But the sandwiches are pretty damn good. The menu is concise, the meat quality is much better than Quiznos/Panera/Subway/etc., and the toppings are more flavorful than all but a handful of more upscale places. They're all served properly warmed - not half toasted/burned - and the Wreck and the Italian are things of beauty. They're an efficient operation, something that's easy to take for granted until you're waiting in a slow line at High Noon. Their employees move people through with a quick but unfailingly polite manner that BreadLine staff should be taking notes on. And all the sandwiches are $3.79, people. Are there better bargains around? Not easily accessible to most office workers. If this a bloodsucking, exanimate corporate chain, sign me up for zombiedom.
  10. Yesterday, my co-worker asked me if I wanted to grab lunch and I said sure and asked him what he had in mind. He said there is a hole in the wall place in Sterling, VA that serves good cheese steak. I said I am game and off we went. The place is a complete hole in the wall and I loved it. Has less than twenty seats. I ordered the cheese steak and a slice of pizza, so I could get an idea on the pizza. I was impressed with the pizza. It wasn't soggy, was able to do a proper fold on a new york style pizza. It was delicious. The cheese steak was outstanding. I was impressed. It was juicy with the juices dripping down the sandwich and my hand. I went through at least ten napkins while consuming that sandwich. I plan on going back and trying some more items.
  11. As a proud native son of the City of Brotherly Love, I can tell you that no self-respecting cheesesteak establishment would make you wait that long. If you don't have your cheesesteak in the time it takes you between ordering and pulling out your wallet at a place like Pat's, you better believe it's because someone it having a heart attack on the griddle. On that note, anyone know where to ACTUALLY get an authentic steak this side of Delaware? I'm talking one that's just fatty griddled beef, onions, and some Cheese Whiz on an authentic Amoroso roll.
  12. In the "every cloud has a silver lining" category, I am now eagerly awaiting the opening of his "Chase the Submarine" on Church Street! I had not heard that this was in the works.
  13. I didn't see a thread on Which Which, so I thought I would start one website here: https://www.whichwich.com/#!/ Mon-Sat 10:00 am to 9:30 pm, Sun 11:00 am to 6:00 pm We go to the Ballston location when we go, their staff is nice and it is very efficient. They have very little inside seating, but they have some outside tables under the awning to eat at, as well. I have found a number of their subs to be pretty good, not anything like a homemade sub shop, but definitely a step above Subway. I like it just a bit better than Potbelly, as I find there to be more options and easier to select what you want in the ordering process, plus they keep later hours than the Potbelly near us. I find their hours to actually be later than many of the places near us, so it is a later evening oh shoot I need to eat and darn I just missed many other closing times option in Ballston. I got their Philly Cheesesteak with provolone special recently and was quite happy with it. I also like that they have the fancy coke machine.
  14. In that burgeoning metropolis of Darnestown, the space that was formerly Uncle Charlie's BBQ has been under major renovation the past few weeks enroute to becoming Nick's Pizza & Subs. I found the owner amongst the construction work, and the relevant bits I got were: he's shooting for opening the 22nd (seems optimistic IMHO), two masonry stone-floor ovens of very different slab thickness are going in so they can bake different styles of pizza, one of the target styles will be Neapolitan, the pizzaiolo is a new guy from Pittsburgh. Carry-out only...it wasn't clear if it was their restaurant or DLC permit that would not permit seating. The adjoining space will be a mini-storefront selling beer, wine, and other beverages. Will report back once it opens.
  15. The Washington Post Food section highlights Pepperjack's, owned by a couple of local guys. Have any dr.com folks tried this place? From the article: Also on the menu are milkshakes and snowballs.
  16. Only the greatest sandwich shop EVER!! OK, it was the greatest sandwich shop in Evanston, IL when I was in college (and drunk). Fresh bread, great price, and they delivered free until 2:00AM or something. We knew our delivery guy by name, and he'd stop off to pick up beer for us if we asked. If you went to a large school in the Midwest (almost every Big Ten school at least) in the last 15 years or so you probably know JJ's. I literally almost crashed my car on the way back from IKEA when I saw the one in College Park. Our previous closest sighting was in Pittsburgh. Looks like there's one in Alexandria near the Eisenhower Theater now, too. Man, now I want JJ's for lunch. They would make a killing if one opened up near GW or Georgetown.
  17. Okay folks, I was having a discussion about pizza tonight at the bar with DR. I mentioned the Broiler, which is a little orange topped store on Columbia Pike in Arlington. Its been there since I was a kid and its one of my favorite pizzas of all time. I love the Italian store- White pizza with proscutto, I like Geppettos for deep dish pepperoni, and I just tried a new place called Valentino's in Alexandria, on Beauregard Street, near Temp Asian, and really liked the pie. However, The Broiler is a little institution that I visit once a month. Their large and extra large pizza is a rectangle of thin crust, spicy tomato sauce and just the right amount of grease on the bottom of the box. Their sausage is a homeade recipe from the original owners who sold it about 4-5 years ago. It's awesome. Some may think it wont win any awards, but for this type of pizza i think it's one of the best around. It's also pretty well priced at $10.40 for a large-12 squares-with 3 toppings. You simply have to eat a piece on the drive home-or you can eat it there, but its a no frills place. Their subs are pretty good as well, especially the sausage and cheese sub with the crinkly cut french fries that are hot as hell and salted just right. If you have never tried this place, I highly recommend it. It's located at 3601 Columbia Pike-1 block West of the Intersection of Glebe and Columbia Pike. Anyway just my opinion and my first topic i ever posted, so hope you can try it.
  18. My wife and I have been going to Havabite in Old Town Fairfax for a while now. Our kids love it. In fact, my daughter picked it for her birthday dinner yesterday. My daughter and I are fans of the bacon pizza. Not bacon bits, but nice strips of bacon. My wife generally gets the chicken souvlaki. Last night, we ordered the hummus appetizer and enjoyed that too. They also have gyros, Greek salads, Greek appetizers, Greek entrees, pasta, calzones, subs, and burgers. This place is very reasonably priced and offers friendly service. That's friendly service, not necessarily speedy service. They sometimes take their time. But, I mainly wanted to post this to mention the friendly service they provided last night for my daughter's birthday. We ordered my daughter's birthday cake from Victoria's Cakery, which is on the same block as Havabite. Unfortunately, they close at 5 PM on weekdays and we weren't going to be able to get there in time. When my wife mentioned that we were hoping to get the cake when we were in the area at Havabite, they suggest we ask Havabite if they can pick it up for us. Well, we did and they did. They picked up the cake for us and kept it for us until we finished dinner (around 8 PM). Then they brought it out for us with plates and forks.
  19. It's such a beautiful day today that I decided to take a long walk. As I turned off Lee Highway onto Glebe Road, I noticed Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar And Grill, right next to the fisherman's shop that used to be called "Angler's Lie" (which I thought was a great name). A big sign on the restaurant says "Coming Soon!" I walked up and saw a big flat-screen TV in the window, and noticed that things looked set up and ready to go. There was a gentleman inside, working hard, and when I caught his attention, he motioned me over to the side door. He spoke very little English, but I managed to ask him when the restaurant would be opening; although I can't be sure we understood each other, it appears to be very, very soon. A menu is posted on the window, and Thirsty Bernie will be serving classic sports-bar fare such as chicken wings, hamburgers, fried onion rings, and bean dip. When I walked away and continued down Glebe Road, I had a huge smile on my face, and I headed towards Ballston with a spring in my step, unable to suppress the smile which kept coming back, again and again. Because in addition to the chicken wings, hamburgers, fried onion rings, and bean dip, the menu also listed beef on weck, a kielbasa sandwich, pierogies, a homemade charcuterie plate, and a whole host of other things. And on the bottom-right was this: Executive Chef, Jamie Stachowski. Cheers! Rocks.
  20. Possibly exciting development: a new delivery joint called House of Philly 2311 Calvert Street, 265-3500. "We Deliver!" I have not had a chance to try them yet, but they look disgustingly promising. Jumbo buffalo wings and pretty much any other munchie food you could need. If no one else gets there first, I will report back.
  21. Jersey Mike's was not found in the Multiple Locations Dining Guide, so I thought I'd fire up a thread... I like this place and would rank it ahead of Potbelly in the subs/sandwiches category. The standard, to me, is the Italian Cold Cut (ICC) and I use that as my benchmark when comparing places. Jersey Mikes follows what I call the 'wet tube" philosophy, where an ICC sub is would tight and has lots of wet stuff like shredded lettuce, oil, vinegar, mayo and 'hots'. Contrast this to the loose and relative dry subs at White House subs in Atlantic City, NJ - and you'll get the drift. Growing up in Rockville, the great submarine war between Ollie's and Twinbrook Deli produced an endless supply of great wet tube ICCs. They still do and if you can't get to Rockville, Jersey Mike's is the next best thing. Being a huge chain, of course there can be some variation between locations but in my experience the food is pretty consistent between the 5+ locations I've visited. (the people making it, not so much.) I recommend asking them to go light on the oil and vinegar; sometimes the bottles are mistaken for cocktail mixers...and the sub suffers. But if done right, you get a tangy ICC that's sloppy but not disintegrating. You may disagree below
  22. Boar's Head brand meats and decent bread - makes for a really good sub. Add roasted peppers and some zippy provolone and it is one of the better italian subs I've had in the metro area. Haven't tried anything else yet. Used to run Maggi's in Wheaton in the early 80s. Sadly, takeout only and a little pricy ($8.99 for a sub) but the quality is great and the portion is decent.
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