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Found 16 results

  1. [i'm surprised that there isn't yet a thread on Teaism, but in case I just missed it, please re-file.] Five pm. Sustenance thus far today consisted of a bag of Fritos. Awful day at work. About to meet a friend for drinks. And then I turn the corner and see Teaism, and something about the place draws me in. Nothing about my tuna bento box was extraordinary, but everything was Good. Soft sweet potato in peanut sauce. Crisp cooked broccoli in thickened ponzu. Warm rice, seared tuna were just fine. Delicate cold mint tea. I've got no standing to judge this meal relative to others in the DC area. All I know is that this was the first meal in a month that felt nourishing and tasty and satisfying and relaxing. Thanks, Teaism. ETA: In case there's anyone in the metro area who doesn't know it yet, the salty oat cookie sold at Teaism is one of the great triumphs of baking. I've been able to mock up a reasonable facsimile at home, but there's nothing like the original, eaten out of wax paper on Connecticut Avenue with a ginger-lime tea. Sublime taste pleasure.
  2. I picked up an order at Cameo the other day. Since Souk no longer has bread and I'm not baking much myself, I've been scoping out other sources. Since I was only ordering bread, I also got just a regular $3 drip coffee too. After ordering online, I arrived 30 or so minutes later. The coffee had been put out on the counter with the bread when the order was fulfilled right after I put it in, so it had been sitting a while. The upshot: their rustic bread is fantastic. The coffee, which I ordered with "a splash of milk" had exactly the right amount of milk. Since it was pretty tepid when I tried it, I'm not sure how to evaluate it beyond that. They have tasting notes, etc., on the menu. So...wait for it...I sat at a table outside with no one around and chugged about half the coffee, since it wasn't getting any hotter. First time I had consumed food or beverage at a restaurant's tables in just about a year. I reheated what was left of the coffee when I got home and it was fine, but I'll try to order when I'm nearby next time so the coffee hasn't been sitting long.
  3. I'm sure this will be a smashing success just like Eataly was back in 2010, when Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich opened their first store in New York, but a small voice inside me keeps asking "which part of Chinese cuisine has omakase sushi?" "China Live: A Food Emporium of Epic Proportions in San Francisco's Chinatown" by Jonathan Kauffman on sfchronicle.com
  4. Last night I got takeout from a new Chinese spot in Glover Park called Dumplings and Beyond. It opened recently in the old Shanghai Tea House space. I was seriously blown away. The dumplings were clearly made in-house and were top notch, the sichuan boiled beef in fiery sauce rivaled (or possibly exceeded) Sichuan Jin River, and the garlic eggplant was out of this world. I wish I could have tried more dishes. A huge plus - I asked for both entrees to be extra spicy, and they actually did it. The only gripe I had was that the ratio of authentic dishes to Americanized food was pretty low. (Actually the total number of dishes in general was quite low for a Chinese restaurant) But everything I had was just unbelievably good. They also had some intriguing Chinese casserole dishes with pork rib and meatballs which will definitely be next on my list. I would highly recommend trying this place.
  5. Class 520 opened there second Montgomery County location in Bethesda on Friday, May 5. The other location is in Rockville. If you don't know what Thai Rolled Ice Cream is, do a search on you tube watch a video or two or three, be mesmerized, then try out this specialty. Essentially, you pick a flavor, they pour some liquid ice cream base on a cold stone, work it for a while, once it approaches freezing, it is put into a think sheet, then rolled and put in a cup. At 520, the journey ends at a fixins bar. I got the strawberry green tea. It is on the expensive side, but worth the experience. They also sell bubble tea in a light bulb shaped glass.
  6. Flying Fish Coffee and Tea is now open (and has been for a few weeks in Mt Pleasant). It's excellent- very friendly, straightforward and good coffee and espresso. Haven't tried the teas just yet. Their iced coffee is terrific. Fantastic addition to the street . Counter Culture beans, they have the usual drip, pour over and mixed drinks. Worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.
  7. My cousin and I have gone out for afternoon tea a few times to celebrate birthdays. I didn't see a tea thread, so here goes... Four Seasons: Lovely atmosphere, tasty and creative food (the first time I went, they had a cherry blossom tea theme that included an unreal chocolate cherry mousse at the end), outstanding service. They made it personal and special by bringing out a piece of chocolate cake with my cousin's name written in chocolate on the plate and the pianist played "happy birthday" at the end. It was a bit pricey, of course, $35 per person. Champagne is an extra $10, I believe. But if you really want to give someone the royal treatment, this is it. Ritz: Very nice food (I don't think I've ever had better chicken salad, and the smoked salmon and dill was so fresh) but the service was lacking! We were the only ones in the tearoom at the time, and visits from our server were few and far between. Not worth $30 per person. The Jefferson: The scones are unreal, the service is great, and the atmosphere is lovely. No complaints. Only $25 per person and well worth it. This might be a good place to take someone for a more laid-back experience. Overall, I pick the Four Seasons but was wondering if anyone had been to some of the other places that serve afternoon tea in DC...Willard, etc? Cheers!
  8. Posting a new topic for those who need some sort of food option while stuck in the no man's land area of dining near the Union Station-New York Avenue Metro station corridor. Came across this site while browsing discount coupon pages. Mods - please feel free to move this elsewhere. I have never been here, so cannot attest to it, but the falafel option looked good on their menu. Apparently they do office catering too. Right across from the NY Avenue Metro. Serving Kickapoo Coffee. Pound Coffee (FB page) 1300 2nd Street NE Washington, DC, 20002 Phone:202-408-5282
  9. I need a recommendation for a place to take someone who has never been to Tea before. I've been to the Hay Adams and liked it. Any other recomendations?
  10. I am looking for a venue where a small group can hang out for an hour over a cup of something, for a business meeting, in the late afternoon. I know about Frederick Coffee Co, which has been full every time I've been. Any other ideas?
  11. Hi fellow food (and hopefully tea) lovers! In an effort to keep my tea stash rotating and to try new teas, I looked around for tea swaps that I could participate in. The few I found seem to be inactive or strict about membership requirements. After polling facebook friends, I decided to create one myself! A Tea Swap is a great way to try new teas, clean out your cupboard, re-discover teas you own, and meet new people. It's also a great piece of snail mail during this digital age. Who doesn't love coming home to a surprise in a mailbox? Using Foodie Penpals as inspiration for the framework, this is how it will work. (This process may change and evolve over time). - Fill out the Tea Swap Participation form by the end of the month to be included in the next month. - Each month the form will reset so you'll need to sign up again. - You will be informed of your Tea Penpal via e-mail (you get a new buddy each time you participate). Please reach out to your penpal and get their mailing address as well as any specific preferences they may have. - Send out your Tea Penpal Package by the 15th of the following month (February 15th in this case). - Your package should consist of: ----- At least two (2) different types of teas {or} ----- At least four (4) servings of tea ----- Something handwritten (this can be a note, an explanation of the tea, a recipe idea, etc) ----- Hint: ask your penpal if they prefer loose-leaf ("naked") teas, or tea bags If you have a website, twitter, or even instagram account, feel free to share the love using #teaswap, #teapenpal, or #sipdown Information on signing up can be found here (sign up will close Jan 31st) http://hapatite.com/tea-swap/
  12. Given the unseasonably warm weather, I decided to try the bubble tea at the Barracks Row Capital Teas today. It was a nice day to sit in the courtyard. I'm not sure what the event was at the Barracks, but I encountered a motorcade on the way over and was serenaded by the Marine Corps band as I drank my tea and read a book. The tea I ordered was the featured flavor: blood orange pu-erh. They have another half a dozen or so standing flavors. I had tried the hot version of the blood orange at the outside urn and wasn't sure about it. The staff member I was dealing with assured me that it's really good iced, so I went ahead. It had more flavor than it did hot. I thought the bubbles were good--firm and kind of gummy and chewy, but I don't have experience with bubble tea that enables me to give an expert opinion.. The mixture seemed a little too sweet to me, but I don't typically consume sweet drinks. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet, so someone who likes a moderate amount of sweetness would possibly think it was fine. I believe they sweeten with agave, but I didn't confirm this. The amount of milk seemed good, but it could have used more ice. The serving was very generous. A small was $6.25 ($6.61 with tax).
  13. Website Here. Fulton Thread Here. After tasting a skim iced chai at Sidamo yesterday I thought to myself... how can I get them to put one of these in Old Town. The chai was the best I have ever had. Spicy and full bodied, made with real chai tea. You didn't even notice the type of milk selection because all you could taste was how good the tea was. I wish I was a coffee drinker because I bet they make great coffee just from smelling them roast and grind it. Ginger molasses cookies... lovely. I also stole a sip of one of the smoothies, we were taking to a friend. Very fresh with real fruit. I love the atmosphere and back patio. They had a nice little menu and by how good the place smelled something on the menu has to be good. I look forward to going back here more often. I just really wish it was closer to my house. * I didn't see a thread for Sidamo, if there is one please merge.
  14. About once a year, I find myself in North Richmond not far from Henrico, and three times now, I've ended up at Umami, a tiny little family-owned coffee and tea shop, specializing primarily in teas. The shop was decorated for the holidays, and I ordered an Iced Tea ($3.25), got out my computer, and went to work on their free WiFi. After about thirty minutes, the kindly proprietor came over, took my cup, and refilled it for me without even asking. This is not some junky iced tea either; Sabrina, the owner, knows her teas, and they are exceptional. Wanting to support this wonderful little family business, I also bought a two-ounce packet of Jasmine Tea ($5.00) and an Infuser ($5.99). Even though you can't make the journey down to Richmond every day, you can still support Umami by shopping at their online store - they have a large selection of quality teas, and I'm sure they would appreciate the business. I hesitate to mention this, but Umami is also minority-owned, and I personally take great pleasure out of supporting small, diverse, family-owned businesses rather than simply walking into some corporate behemoth and buying a pack of tea bags. This is a delightful shop, and one which I will continue to frequent when I find myself anywhere in the area. You can shop online with confidence, knowing that you're supporting kindhearted people when you buy from Umami. Coverage initiated in Italic in the Dining Guide.
  15. Website Here. DC Thread Here. Today went up to Fulton, an area we don't know well, to buy a turkey from a local farm to brine for the holiday tomorrow. Despite the subtitle of this topic, had no idea there was a second Sidamo there but discovered it in search of the Starbucks we assumed we'd find in the newer-construction retail complexes. No Starbucks and, much better, we were very excited to see Sidamo and then quickly wondered "what the hell would a second Sidamo be doing way the hell out here instead of closer-in MoCo, NoVa, other 'hood in DC, etc.?" The Post covered the story last year but hadn't seen that. The Ethiopian owner, Kenfe Belay, who owns Sidamo and runs it with his family including two daughters who work there, was inside to answer that question and several others. First off, the Fulton Sidamo has a very different feel from the one in the Atlas district. It's a much more gentrified design layout wise as a Starbucks or Caribou would be. It's spacious with plenty of comfortable seating inside and out and lots of windows allowing all kinds of light to come in. The menu feels a bit more extensive than in DC but I can't be sure about that. Wifi? Check. Plenty of baked good options? Check. Relative to the Atlas District location, Fulton is a different yet pleasant and comfortable buildout that still conveys serious coffee with the on-premise roaster and burlap sacs containing Ethiopian beans. In all other aspects though, this Sidamo and the one downtown share everything that one would hope. Kenfe was at the roaster when we went in so we chatted with him. He's a super person. So nice, patient and very happy to explain the product and roaster to anyone interested despite undoubtedly doing that a kazillion times over the years. He actually has a couple of small buckets of dark roasted beans right by the roaster that are two years old. When I asked about those, he explained those are for the children (and undoubtedly some adults like me ) to scoop, see and sniff. The Fulton store is close to where the family lives and that's why they opened up there. Evidently the store does pretty well which wasn't obvious to me not knowing Fulton's population density. Kenfe would like to expand more but, smartly, is taking his time so the business doesn't get ahead of him. Maybe another year for location #3. Maybe once he finds the right kind of investor. I made a bid for Cleveland Park, which sadly lacks a high-quality coffee place (no offense to Firehook) but clearly that would require the right kind of investor/partner. We enjoyed two fresh, medium-bodied, higher acid, Yirgacheffe pour overs. Interesting info on Ethiopian coffee here. Sidamo: good people. good coffee. deserving of all the business and good that comes to them. Totally reminded me of why the issues around chains versus independents that we've been batting around on the Applebees thread are so important. Happy Holidays to all.
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