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Found 19 results

  1. Just went to this for the first time and liked it a lot. Their produce selection was not as extensive as the Lotte in Chantilly, it's more akin to the produce in a smaller HMart, but what they had was in good condition and some (including the lotus root) looked very fresh. they had fresh durian too (though it was the stinky kind). i think the selection is more exclusively chinese than some of the other asian markets, for example there were very few indian vegetables (no tindora, etc, though they did have a few karela). they had a huge selection of tofu products though-skins, noodles, pressed, baked, mushroom, five spice, spicy, etc. and a lot of different types of fresh noodles including wide hand-shaved shanxi noodles very similar to panda gourmet's hand pulled noodles. (now i just need to figure out how i can replicate those spices!). they had a lot of products like bings that i haven't seen at other markets. they also have some food stalls-including a taiwanese one, a sichuan one, and one with roast ducks and chickens-- a bakery, a ten ren tea, and a deli where you can buy dim sum by the piece. the hotpot we got was tasty, and while my husband said the dim sum was only ok, the scallion-stuffed pancake we got was very good. one fun thing they do is that when you check out, for every $20 you spend you get $1 in 99Ranch money that you can use at the bakery or the deli, so after you do your shopping you essentially get a free treat which is fun. they had a good selection of dry goods as well. the produce was limited enough that this won't supplant our trips to lotte or the larger HMarts, but they had enough unique items that we'll definitely be adding this to the rotation.
  2. Cici's goes down next. As an aside, my wife and daughter had the bagel sandwiches from the Call Your Mother trolley and were raving.
  3. Austin ex-pats will be pleased to know that Chuy's is opening at 11219 Lee Highway in Fairfax this autumn. They're also planning an expansion into Springfield.
  4. i went to the bar at morton's on connecticut avenue last night - meeting a freind who works in the building for plans later. until last evening i had assumed that the real differences between the big steakhouses was the service. the menus have pretty much the same fare, the wine lists are all expansive with a few gems and a few clunkers, they each did a pretty good job with a good cut of beef. had i been in the mood for a steak, i most likely would have continued to believe in this general culinary parity. cold and rainy nights scream for lobster bisque. a soup and the chopped salad was just what i wanted. the bisque arrived and to it's credit it was piping hot and it had the proper consistency, and that is all i can say to it's credit. it had no richness, the sherry influence was also m.i.a., and the two pathetic pieces of lobster claw were boiled for what must have been an interminable amount of time. if you scratched the surface of this soup you got more surface. just bad. if the only good things to be said of the bisque are that it was hot and liquid, then the only good thing to be said of the salad is that it was cold. it was listless lettuce haphazardly tossed with low grade blue cheese, some way past their prime tomatoes, and something that had the texture of bacon but none of its porkly goodness. the dressing was a thin vinaigrette that would have gone undetected except that i knew something was making the other ingredients slick. i am very gratefully for the gracious service provided by damian and liz (i think that is her name). but for $45 (pre-tip) for 2 beers, criminally bad soup and salad, i felt violated.
  5. Silver Spring is getting an outpost of Nothing Bundt Cakes, a Texas-based national chain founded about 20 years ago in Las Vegas that has grown to about 300 franchises across the country, including locations in Gaithersburg and Vienna, Va.
  6. I have a pretty interesting story about Rio Grande. You see, there was this guy, pretty average in most respects. He was hungry one day and happened to stop into Rio Grande. He ordered a meal and consumed it, it doesn't really matter what it was. It wasn't the best meal he had ever had and it certainly wasn't the worst. It got the job done, though. The waitstaff was quick - not overly fast or anything and not too slow. They were also fairly pleasant. Nothing over the top, just pleasant. The man paid with his credit card and exited the restaurant. Three weeks later he received his credit card bill, which included the purchase at Rio Grande. He then paid his credit card bill, thus completing the transaction.
  7. Looks like there are still more frozen yogurt chains coming to DC. From an article in the Wash Post about the yogurt trend and Tangysweet and Mr. Yogato:
  8. Happy Hour at McCormick & Schmick's with the library crew turned out to be pretty good. Drinks are regular price (Most draft beer $5) but if you buy two, you unlock the $1.95 happy hour menu of apps and entrees. Most in the group got the cheeseburger, which looked pretty much like the entree cheeseburger and fries. There was also crab dip, artichoke dip, mussels...stuff like that. Looked like a pretty good deal. Weird hours, though: 3:30-6:30, then again 10:30-12:00.
  9. La Madeleine would probably like to stake claim to status as a big chain French restaurant, and the two times I've eaten at one I've been pretty unhappy with the food as being sub par for even what I expected.
  10. EatZi's closed all their locations outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area (Rockville, Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta), all on very short notice. However, they're still going strong in Dallas-Fort Worth, maintaining their four locations there, and planning to open a fifth. From the Wikipedia article: "Following their time in the White House, President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura rely on Eatzi's and friends since neither like to cook." Note that the founder, Philip J. Romano, also founded Fuddrucker's (which, according to their website, has "the world's greatest hamburgers") and Romano's Macaroni Grill (which, according to their website, "sources from Italian farms"). To our friends in Houston: If this type of comment about Fuddrucker's and Macaroni Grill offends your sensibilities, I urge you to use Yelp - you'll be happier there; if you don't mind good-natured ribbing and honest criticism, you'll enjoy it here, and we'll be both grateful and better-off for having you with us - give us a chance, and you'll see that we walk the walk). Cheers, Rocks
  11. Don asked where we at this week. Sadly, my Wednesday consisted of driving from Santa Monica to Claremont (1 hour plus with traffic) to have lunch with a client...at Chili's. I'm posting this here because although it was in the LA area, it could have been anywhere. But client requested Chili's so I drove an hour plus to eat at Chili's. Coworker and I noshed on queso fundido, Chili's version of which featured random bits of ground beef. The dish went back to the kitchen very clean. Client skipped the queso and had bbq wings, followed by Margarita Chicken (that's a lotta bird). I also had said Margarita Chicken. Hard to mess up? Should be. But the bird was thin and tough and sad. I congratulated myself on offsetting the calories of queso with the bland sadness of the chicken as I got in my car to drive to my next client meeting, more than an hour south, in Huntington Beach. Doing my part to advance global warming, J "huge carbon footprint. huge." K
  12. Veterans and active duty military can enjoy a free meal from the "Create Your Own Combo menu" on November 11, 2015 (that's today). This offer is good at the following area locations: Reston, Fairfax, Woodbridge, Baltimore, Elkridge, Towson - see their website for details.
  13. Went to On The Border with coworkers (13 total) tonight (2/21). I had the Bandera Sirloin. It was fine, especially given the fact that this isn't a steakhouse. The avocado sauce played off the beef nicely. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. Then the check came...one check. We explained that we were in town on business and everyone was a separate party. We were told by our server and again by the manager that it would be too hard to split the checks. He suggested we just initial by whatever we ordered and he'd ring it up right. It took us 45 minutes to get processed out! (Right...this was much easier than separate checks. [/sarcasm off]) He still came around and asked each of us what we had and then rang up a receipt for each credit card customer. I fail to see how just doing that to begin with wouldn't have been easier all around. I've never seen a manager so unwilling to work with the customer. I guess we'll let our wallets do the talking when we're back in town. I'm sure there are plenty of places with better food and service around here.
  14. Seen in the American Airlines magazine: Texas de Brazil is opening a location in Fair Oaks this year. Isn't there some sort of meta-rodizio signal we can flip over to mean "please stop bringing the Brazilian steakhouses, we're stuffed"?
  15. I had half of a ham and cheese panini here (well, Gaithersburg actually) today. Note that I only had half. My stomach still feels as if I swallowed a brick coated with PopRocks. At least the pickle spear was good.
  16. We had family in town this weekend and one of them suggested Mi Cocina for dinner last night. I objected but was overruled. Needless to say 2 hours later everyone came around to my side of things. A cold plain room made even colder every time someone opened the door. Below average service (waiter didn't seem to know menue) and even worse food and water downed drinks. Live music was a nice touch and they do validate parking.
  17. Competing with 10,000 religion scholars for table space near the convention center this past Sunday, we settled on the bar at Sullivan's Steakhouse for drinks and a few bar entrees. I have no idea what the food is like in the rest of the place, or the chain at large--it wasn't suitable for our wallets or appetites--but with the Thursday and Sunday deal of $7 each for all happy hour items, we figured it was a reasonably safe bet. We both had well-made manhattans, served by our skilled bartender. Bob's burger was decent, served with respectable fries. My tavern sliced steak with a light mushroom sauce was lean, and while cooked past the medium-rare I requested, an extraordinary bargain. For two drinks each, an appetizer and two entrees, we got out for just over $60 with tip. Not a destination by any means, but you can do a lot worse than this for a lot more money in that area.
  18. Has anybody else heard that Eatzi's in Rockville has just closed with only 24 hour notice to its employees? Happy Thanksgiving. And others too.
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