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Found 5 results

  1. A number of local officials accepted a challenge from the Action Committee for Transit to spend the week of June 10-17 using only public transit, or active modes of transportation such as biking, walking or scooters, to travel around the county: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/transportation/the-transit-challenge-what-i-learned/
  2. I'm thinking about my options of getting to/from DC/NYC - has anyone rented a car in one city, and dropped it off in the other? Amtrak round-trip between the two cities seems to be $88 for economy tickets, or $176 round-trip. Renting a car one-way appears to be about $100 a day (that would be renting at one airport, and dropping it off at another - for example, renting at Reagan, and dropping off at Kennedy). That's a lot of money for a car rental, *but* if you can do what you need to do in one day, and get the car returned within 24 hours, it isn't much more expensive than taking the train. Are there any drawbacks to this that I'm unaware of? I'd like to drop off some things in New York, so a one-way car rental, followed by taking Amtrak on the return trip, would be an ideal situation for me. Having never done this before, I'm wondering if there are any pitfalls that I'm unaware of (tolls, for example - I'd need to remember to bring my EZ-Pass). Thanks in advance if you have any opinions or insight - I thought a one-way drop-off would be more expensive than this, and perhaps it is.
  3. DonRocks


    Jul 28, 2015 - "Why Your Uber App Is Lying To You About Available Cars" by Yoni Heisler on bgr.com Jul, 2015 - "The Mirage of the Marketplace - The Disingenuous Ways Uber Hides Behind Its Algorithm" by Tim Hwang and Madeleine Clare Elish on slate.com
  4. I want to congratulate the great Capital Bikeshare for opening their 400th station. This is a great program that I'm proud to be a member of, and its advantages are numerous - one of which is that you can "park" close to wherever you're going in DC, walk a couple of blocks, and be right there. It's a way to guarantee a parking space, so to speak, especially if your car is at another station, perhaps a mile away. Please consider me a huge supporter of this fine company (I can't vouch for its internals, but from a commuter's, tourist's, or weekend warrior's perspective, it's a wonderful resource). "100 Reasons to Celebrate our 400th Station" on capitalbikeshare.com Go to their website and find out all sorts of details about joining, etc. I think I paid $75 for an annual membership [it has been raised to $85, undoubtedly due to its popularity] which gives me unlimited, free, 30-minute rides. I often ride 20-25 minutes to another station, then grab another bike there, and repeat the "cycle" (sorry).
  5. Indeed. I hope this doesn't leave anyone Monon, but: TO REMOVE THAT MUSIC FROM YOUR WEBSITE! (Doesn't anyone see how cool this website is going to be? Help me get it started, by posting as much as you can, about as many different topics as you can, while I'm still around to point everything in a general direction. I already know it's going to be big (so if I get hit by a train, you don't need to say, "I wish he could have been around to see it"), but it *would* be nice to see things start growing during my lifetime.) Cheers, The Atomizer
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