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  1. One of the more pleasant dining experiences, I've had in a long time. The space is simple, clean and serene which is a great reflection of the food. I went early so it wasn't so crowded but I'm guessing that this place will be consistently packed. If you had to try one dish, get the grilled Mero with miso. It's sea bass that has a nice char on the outside but comes out tasting smooth and creamy. My full post is below; Izakaya Seki
  2. This thread is one of the few I could find with a reference to U Street Music Hall, so I will place it here: Closed. I saw some good shows at U Street, it will be missed.
  3. To get this topic started: Kyirisan is at 1924 8th St. NW (between T and U). We enjoyed our first meal tonight. It is a pretty and hip space, all very stylish including decor, plates, people, etc. The menu is not huge but everything we had was good. They say it's "Chinese-French" and I guess I can see that. As you can see online, the menu is divided into three categories: basically, vegetables (though NOT all vegetarian), meat/fowl, and seafood - in each category there are smaller plates and bigger plates. "All meant for sharing," ok whatever. A shot of good rum and a shot of pickle juice - trendy and good. Fried tofu cubes in a spicy oyster sauce - yum. "Red Curry | Japanese Eggplant | Apple | Butternut Squash | Potato | Peanuts | Pea Puree" gives you a sense of the way that you are not definitely in a traditional "Asian restaurant in USA" environment - it is not a bowl of coconut milk curry but is instead an artistic composed plate of not quite enough food but beautiful and tasty. And so on. If you are a drinker and a pig like me, think in terms of $50 or so per person. Service was friendly and nice, atmosphere was friendly and nice, food was good but just realize that you are going for stylish and artistically-presented food that tastes very good, not for anything authentic to any culture other than Shaw in 2016. I like Shaw in 2016 and therefore will happily go back.
  4. I'm going to guess that he's talking about Jahanbein's not-so-new incarnation of the The Saloon (he used to run the g'town one) at 1207 U St. NW. A lovely curmudgeonly place, with veddy fine beer indeed.
  5. Hi all, I’m Kathy and new to the group. I’m always up for new and interesting dining experiences so am excited to join you all. I am particularly interested in any thoughts on folks that do gluten free really well. My immediate quest is to find something great in the U Street area for dinner before a show at Lincoln Theatre (@12th). Thanks!
  6. Is there any magic parking around there or do most people take the metro?
  7. I stopped by earlier today. The official opening is next week but they are open now. Something of a busboys and poets feeling to the decor. Anyone eaten there yet?
  8. I just popped into a small Japanese market just opened up on the corner of 17th and U street. It's a tiny, neat space with dry goods on metro shelving and some refrigerated and frozen items. The man who was working today says they have been open for about a week. Is this the only Japanese market in DC? Hana Market 2000 17th Street NW 202-939-8854
  9. Though it's been discussed on Chowhound, I've never seen anything about Oohhs and Aahhs here or on eGullet. Sure, its not the usual kind of eating that comes up. No reservations, no linens -- hell, the food is served in a styrofoam container. But what food! The macaroni and cheese and Oohhs and Aahhs is phenomenal, perfectly tender and gooey. Its not an elevated kind of Mac; instead, its the down-home style that sticks to your ribs and warms up a cold day. The cornbread is also phenomenal, served hot and fresh with butter. I had my meal with fried chicken -- very tasty, though I think next time I might try their crabcakes. Seats were, at one point, limited to 6 at Oohhs and Aahhs (though this is certainly not minibar). But just recently they expanded to have upstairs seating. If you want something delicious, served quickly and with a beautiful smile, Oohhs and Aahhs is the place. Makes me wish they were open late as an alternative to Ben's... Mr Rockwell requests more details.... Oohhs and Aahhs is a tiny little room on 10th & U NW thats reminiscent of an old-timey lunch counter. They serve soul food -- turkey wings, greens, crab cakes, fried chicken, a plethora of other items that I can't remember. The place opened a couple years ago and originally only had six seats at a counter. At times people would struggle to get a seat, or just eat at the counter standing. There was a Kliman column about the spot a while back, but the consistently incorrect spellings of the restaurants name makes it hard to track down. Found a few mentions of it on Chowhound but thats all. Not fine dining, but delicious in its own right.
  10. I'm trying Appioo for dinner tonight and was surprised to find no discussion on here. Anyone been? Recommendations? It's billed as African but seems to be Ghanaian - a cuisine I'm not familiar with. I will report back on this thread later this evening or tomorrow. Appioo on Facebook "A Taste of Ghana in DC: Appioo African Bar and Grill" by Jaimee Swift on blackfoodie.co
  11. I just read about a new taqueria called "El Ray" opening. Can anyone help me? Is this one of my new restaurants? If so, does anyone know its location, menu, hours of operation, and how badly the wine list sucks so I can post the information on my "web-site"? And, most importantly, will it have its own thread here or just be mixed in together with the rest? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Surprised I have not seen a thread on Fast Gourmet. I travel to Latin America a lot for work, and many of my colleagues (all Latin Americans themselves) started talking recently about a great sandwich place in a gas station in DC. Since I love a good sandwich, I resolved to try it out yesterday. First, the location -- it's in the "Lowest Best Price" gas station on 14th and W -- no real signage, and from the outside you would think it's a regular exxon-type grab and go place. But, inside they have made a huge effort to make it clean, appealing, and, dare I say, cool, with a neat color scheme and a cute menu with chalk drawings. There are also tables to sit at. Still, you'll know you are in a gas station, and the crowd is funny, a mix of Latin Americans (both from the neighborhood and more upscale embassy/IDB types), hipsters, cab drivers, and a few cracked-out people wandering in off the street to buy cigars from the gas station part. The food. Oh my god, the food. The menu is a mix of regular american sandwiches (turkey, steak and cheese, etc.), salads, empanadas, and some Latin specialities. There is a supposedly good Cubano, and, in my opinion, one of the best Latin national sandwiches, the national sandwich of Uruguay, the chivito. Turns out, the owners are two Uruguayan brothers, so they know their chivitos. For the uninitiated, it is a sandwich with a thin beef steak cooked "a la plancha" on medianoche bread with mayo, ham, hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It is heaven, and, for you Spanish speakers, even though it is called a chivito it does not have goat in it. I ordered the chivito yesterday ($12, all sandwiches come with ok, but not great fries) and it was FANTASTIC. It was as good as, if not better than the chivitos I have had in Montevideo. My partner, who had never had a chivito before, ate some of mine and proclaimed it the best sandwich he ever had. The only MINOR quibble would be that there was a lot of mayo, but that is how they like it in Uruguay, and I, too, like it that way. You may want to ask for a little less mayo if you are mayo-squamish. Also note, the $12 price tag may seem high, but this is a huge sandwich, enough for two people or two meals. My partner wanted the cubano, but they were out of the ingredients until 2 pm, so he ordered the greek salad with lamb. We expected it to be a boring salad, but, actually it was great, with many large chunks of freshly grilled lamb. I highly recommend this place! They are open long hours and do delivery. I couldn't find the menu online, but I did find their facebook page -- http://www.facebook....ET/103364437659 As my partner said to me when we were leaving, this might have to be the year of the chivito!
  13. Dec 7, 2014 - "At Alphonse Market and Nonna's Kitchen, There are Two Sides to Italian Cooking" by Tom Sietsema on washingtonpost.com From the article: "I wouldn't have predicted it, but recent dinners at Nonna's Kitchen, romantic in red and a mere 24 seats, suggest there's a future for fine dining in the neighborhood." Want to know a secret? Nonna's closed - quietly - at the beginning of August. Supposedly, they were going to reopen, but I tried to get a reservation in September, and cannot. Word on the street is that the market for chefs is crashing in DC, but I don't think too many people want to hear that just yet. *Lots* of young people out there who want to "run a restaurant" but haven't paid their dues ... the market is starting to come into equilibrium, and it's not a pretty sight to see ... when the absurd becomes the norm, you're in a bubble that's about to pop. My advice: If you have a good job right now, clutch onto it with your life: It is *not* a good time to be getting cocky. We are witnessing the end of an up-trend - it happened in 2008, and when the market, ahem, "recovered," the entire landscape of DC Dining changed. Don't worry if you don't remember, because you may well get a chance to see it all over again. cheezepowder's amazing research has provided the public with an important historical document about a subset of Washington, DC's economy. Everyone seems to think Washington, DC is on fire as this booming restaurant town. And it is: It's on fire, and it's about to burn out. Was it George Orwell who said a lunatic is a minority of one? I'm sorry to piss on this party, but the party is winding down.
  14. This is a few weeks late, but we visited Dickson Wine Bar at 9th & U, across from Nellie's a couple weeks ago for their soft opening. The wines are all organic, from around the world. There were a couple reds that the 3 of us liked, but alas its been 10+ days since our visit & I don't recall them. The menu's a mix of charcuterie, bahn mi sandwiches, flat breads and other small dishes. (I'm linking to Metrocurean's pic of the sandwich, which she posted on Twitter.) Since the food was free during the soft opening, I'll wait to return as a paying customer to give a review. But, the lardo is worth commenting on now. It was great, and reminded me of a Parisian restaurant last year. Thin slices, served with costini, sides of pickles & nuts. The space is split into 3 levels. You enter on the 2nd floor thru a door beneath the old Dickson Building sign, which they wisely kept & took as the name. Inside, the 3 small levels are dark, with candles & a wall of backlit empty wine bottles. Downstairs still awaits its bottles, but I bet the customers can drink their way thru a wall's worth pretty quickly if the foods as good as it all sounds on the menu. From some of the seats, you can even watch Nellie's big screens across the street... so while enjoying the chill vibe of Dickson, you can sneak a peak at the Final Four next week.
  15. Anyone been to Selam on 15th and U Street? May 11, 2007 - "Selam is Getting into the Groove" by Fritz Hahn on washingtonpost.com
  16. Every day I drive past a storefront on the coner of Vermont Ave and U St. that says "Brown Sugar, Southern Cuisine." Coming Soon.... Does anyone know anything more about this restaurant? CG.
  17. Funk Parade Anyone planning on going ? If you're on the fence, I highly recommend it. Last year was one of the most fun days I had all year! As long as the weather holds, it's a great excuse to spend a few hours wandering around U Street, checking out the parade and free day shows and then popping into a venue/bar for more music later. My big question is, what's the optimal food strategy on/near U Street when things will be so crazy? If anyone ends up dropping by, come say hi! I'll playing at it for the 3rd year in a row as part of the evening showcases (7-10pm) @ Archipelago (1201 U St).
  18. Solly's U Street Tavern is serving food now (until around 10:30 or 11, they're still working out the schedule based on demand)...i got a bite of a friend's hot dog, but supposedly they also have some new zealand style meat pies, which I have high hopes for. The place has become my de facto place to grab a couple beers when I'm over in that area. The Saloon has some great beers, but its hours aren't the best (closed on Mondays, for instance), and Solly's just has alot more of that neighborhood dive bar vibe which can be so enjoyable.
  19. Article in the post today. Not only is he going to host a new show on Food Network, but he is expanding and opening up another Cakelove in Silver Spring. Had anyone had anything good from either of his current places lately? The last time I was there, many moons ago, I was unimpressed by the dry cupcakes with heavy frosting.
  20. Stumbled across this on the Post's site today: "Raise a Glass to Vinoteca" by Fritz Hahn on voices.washpost.com A very brief blurb on one of the blogs mentions 68 by-the-glass options, cheese and charcuterie We were planning on giving Marvin a go tonight and may just have to drop by here first to see what's what. Edit: click here for a glimpse at their retina-searing website . Nothing much substantive yet, just a link to various press pieces.
  21. I visited Jesus' taco truck for the first time a couple days ago, and I have to say it's really good. Really really good. It reminds me a lot of the tacos I've had in Mexico which is honestly the highest praise I can give. I've tried the pastor (spicy pork), chorizo and asado (grilled beef) so far. The best is the pastor. Oh have I missed pastor tacos. Other fillings are tongue, and chicken. Have not tried those yet. I also see Res (beef) on there, I'll have to ask about that. By the way, no other options. No veggie, no fish. Its pretty cheap, $2 per (cash only), and they are open every day 11am-8pm. Win all around.
  22. I read something somewhere that a change in ownership was involved, so Daniel may not be a part of this anymore. Also maybe I'm just being naive but is it fair to assume that "sud" refers to beer suds?
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