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Found 2 results

  1. Do you watch college football? I do. Not voraciously but sporadically. Its somewhat like watching college basketball vs the pros. One phenomena is that when a player sticks out and is so remarkably more talented than everyone else he creates memorable unmatched plays and generates astonishing displays of athleticism. Over the past quarter century or so probably the single most exciting player in college football was Michael Vick. Vick; pretty interesting career and life. He was a combination running/throwing quarterback at Virginia Tech, probably led them to their best records, and made remarkable play after play. He was the fastest quarterback in memory, was a shifty runner, had a cannon of an arm. He could create excitement with his arm or his legs. In college, his dominance was transcendent. Often he would step back to pass, the defense would spread to cover receivers, the defensive line would open up and Vick would take off on amazing runs. Left, right, shifting and faking out tacklers then turn on the super speed. Vick was a first draft choice around the turn of the century and was so athletically gifted he was often able to replicate those exciting plays in the pros. He was quite good his first 6 years...and then his own personal tragedy struck. But enough about Vick. Currently and last year there is a successor to Michael Vick. His name is Lamar Jackson and he is the quarterback at University of Louisville. Jackson is in his second year and is simply shredding defenses. He simply is the most talented player on the field. He may not be as fast as Vick but he is similarly shifty and every so often simply leaps over tacklers. He flicks passes. It seems effortless. He is rolling up astounding plays and scoring touchdowns either by running them in or passing for them at an amazing clip. ....and he looks like a man against boys. Here is a clip of some of his amazing plays.
  2. Wes Unseld was perhaps the best outlet passer in the history of the game. And, from what I remember, he was regarded as "the man in the NBA people would least want to get into a fight with." At 6'7", he was the shortest center in the NBA, and wore a permanent scowl on his face. He'd often jaw at the officials while running down the court, but I don't really remember him losing his temper or getting into a fight (who on earth would fight him?) - I also can't remember ever seeing him smile. In the 1968-1969 season, he not only won the Rookie Of The Year award, but also the award for League MVP - the only other player in history to do this was Wilt Chamberlain. Looking back, it's hard to believe Unseld was ever MVP, but that's because his playing style was so unglamorous, and he did all the dirty work that had to be done, but that flashy players so rarely do - Unseld was the antithesis of flashy: He was as blue collar as they come. Unseld attended the University of Louisville from 1965-1968, earning All-American honors in 1967-1968. Remarkably, in 1965, he averaged 35.8 points and 23.6 rebounds for Louisville's freshman team (Unseld is not someone you think of as a scorer), and played for Seneca High School in Louisville, leading them to the Kentucky State Championships in 1963 and 1964.
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