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Found 13 results

  1. If you live within walking distance of Connecticut Avenue and Albemarle Street, drop to your knees, bow down to the ground, do a medieval chant, and pray to all that's holy that what might come to pass, will come to pass. Right now, the odds are slightly against it happening, but the possibility is definitely there, and for once, Van Ness might be the source of some exciting culinary news, coming our way in the near future. I asked for permission to say more, but was asked not to, so I must honor that request. Cross your fingers ...
  2. After many months, Acacia Bistro (they seem to have dropped "Wellness" from their name) has opened in Van Ness, same side of the street as the Days Inn. They have been open for less than a week, so this is an inaugural review, featuring the good, bad, and the ugly. Acacia draws from the Big Book of Current Restaurant Trends: "wine bar" check; "cheese and cured meats" check; "small plates" check; "flatbreads" check. But we will forgive them, because A. Van Ness has to be one of the worst restaurant neighborhoods on the Red Line and B. After a small sampling of dishes...it's not bad, in fact with some seasoning and editing, it could be quite good. The menu opens with salads, cured meats, and cheese, the second page has a list of perhaps 15 small plates, followed by about 8 flatbreads, and then about 8 entrees. I would describe the food to be mediterranean inspired. Food Bread basket, some ordinary supermarket quality baguette, but a nice basil oil for dipping. Small plate order of fingerling potatoes with paprika aioli ($5.50), well cook potatoes but they needed some salt. If the seasoning is adjusted this will make a solid dish. small plate order of Eggs with tomato and fontina ($7.50)...the big miss of the night, runny scrambled eggs topped with a diced tomato sauce...frankly looked like a puddle of puke on a plate...also needed salt. Avoid this dish! Feta, Olive, tomato flatbread ($9.00), basically a small pizza which would make a meal for one, or an app for 2-4 people, this was good, although heavy on the feta, less is sometimes more! Mackerel ($18), holy...the star of the night, a tail section that had been butterflied, "marinated" overnight in what not sure, then slathered in diced tomatoes, lemon slices and herbs, the dish was dripping in juice and the fish was perfectly cooked. I would order this again. dessert (comp), apparently made by the manager's mother, went with the raspberry tart, tart shell, pastry cream style custard, fresh raspberries...rustic, decent, satisfying. Alcohol Decent selection of beer. They will have two taps, currently Allagash, and about a dozen in bottle, we had the Allagash ($5.50) and Brooklyn Brown Ale ($5.50). A good size wine list, although we didn't indulge. Decor "Bistro modern", two walls of windows overlooking the street, outdoor patio on the side, nice small bar, although once the place draws a crowd I fear it will be loud, lots of hard surfaces. Service Young and in training, which was fine, everyone was very nice, although not sure that we needed 4 servers checking in on us. I'm sure this will improve in the coming weeks. Bill 4 beers, 2 small plates, 1 flatbread, 1 entree was $62 without tax and tip. Honestly for two people we way over ordered and would have been perfectly happy with a couple of small plates and a flatbread. Make sure you review your check, we found an $11 overcharge for a dish we did not order, however I will chalk that up as new and inexperienced waitstaff. Overall, a good first impression. I think we will find some quality dishes at fairly reasonable prices. We look forward to exploring the menu more!
  3. Uptown Market opened this weekend in the large apartment building which houses Sfoglina in Van Ness (across the street from Bread Furst). It takes over the Soapstone Market space. Uptown Market is owned by the folks who run Butchers Alley and Pesca Deli in Bethesda. The new market underwent a very nice renovation. Soapstone always looked rather slapped together and bare bones. Uptown Market has a butcher (nice looking meat), a small fishmonger area (on offer was salmon, monk fish, swordfish, trout, as well as shrimp, calamari, clams, oysters, and mussels), a prepared food section with salads and sandwiches, and hot food with pizza. There's a small produce section (not that impressive), and a varied selection of Spanish oriented goods (olive oil, canned fishes, sweets etc.). They had not yet stocked the beer and wine sections. It fills a niche in the immediate Van Ness area - for higher end goods you usually need to go to Whole Foods or Rodman's. Price wise, it is what you would expect from a small specialty market in an upscale area. The seafood prices are Whole Foods level. It's a place you can do some serious damage real quick. We ordered a nice prepared wedge of Spanish tortilla (which was actually priced well at $5.50) and picked up some other tasty treats. They were still working out the kinks and weren't fully stocked, but pretty good first impression.
  4. I know this is Christmas week, and participation will be light, but that's all the more reason to nominate and vote, since yours will be worth more. Nominations will close tomorrow, Wednesday, at 2 PM. The Poll will begin immediately afterwards, and close on Friday at 5 PM, and we only have a few participants, then so be it - this will be the best chance for you to get a lesser-known restaurant to come out on top.
  5. Walked past the old Trattoria Liliana spot on Connecticut Ave. There's a new sign for a pizzeria over the top that must have gone up over the weekend. Yeah... looks like another crap shoot for Van Ness. Just what we need... more pizza. =p I don't think that's the correct name for the place though.
  6. Couldn't find a thread on this restaurant but surprised there have been no postings (or i'm bad at searching). Thai Pad opened in Van Ness a few months ago in the old Quiznos space at 4481 Connecticut Ave. I've been there a few times now including this past weekend. I must say, this is by far, in my view, the best thai restaurant in DC (maybe even the metro area). I am slowly working my way through the menu but so far have found everything to be well balanced and everything is very fresh. This past weekend I had a Massaman Curry which was quite delicious. If you are in the area or craving thai, I would highly recommend it.
  7. For a posh Francophile and serious foodie who prefers European cuisine. (Friend of a friend so that's all the info I have). Et Voila and Mari Vanna were all I could come up with. And Mari Vanna was a shot in the dark. Any suggestions? Geo range is Dupont to Friendship Heights, though MacArthur Blvd was seen as in range.
  8. In the old 867 Cafe space. Signs are up in the windows. Have zero information but high hopes. Last I heard this was supposed to be a second location of Steak and Egg. I guess that deal fell through. Looks like it is Indian and Nepalese food now.
  9. The old Quiznos space in Van Ness is available - 1200 square feet, with monthly rent in the $4s. Possible incentive package available - write me privately for details. donrockwell ate dcdining dot com
  10. New restaurant coming to Park Road west of 14th Street opening Thursday 3/19. Soft opening pictures here. I will report back shortly. I'm keeping fingers crossed for good pho on the eastside, or for that matter on this side of the Potomac!
  11. Next! That was fast, making me wonder if Coat of Arms managed to serve meals to even twenty paying customers. There's a sign in the window now saying "Indian Ocean - Seafood, North Indian Cuisine."
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