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Found 31 results

  1. Shouk is a fast-casual eatery serving 100 percent plant-based deliciousness!!! Here is the menu: - the restaurant opened May 3rd. On Sunday, May 15, 2016, I enjoyed the following: Shouk Pita with roasted fennel, crispy potato, red pepper, pistachio pesto Polenta fries with tomato tahina Shouk Salad with lots of fresh & roasted veggies, crunch, tahina vinaigrette
  2. Years ago, I enjoyed several meals at Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in Vienna. I thought many times about returning, but for whatever reason, I just never seemed to get there. Then about a month ago, I returned. Then I went again. And again. And yesterday I found myself in my car, having just ordered a Curry Paradise lunch entrée for $5.95. In the parking lot at the back of the restaurant, enjoying a quiet meal by myself, I took two bites of the dish, and then I started laughing. I started laughing because the food was so unbelievably good, the latest in an unbroken string of terrific plates at Sunflower. From dish-to-dish, from day-to-day, this place is consistently good - one of the few restaurants in the entire area where you can seemingly throw a dart at the menu and hit a winner. Golden Nuggets are marinated yuba wrapped with shredded shiitake mushrooms, soy protein and bamboo shoots in a druggingly delicious house brown sauce. If you serve this dish to a child, or even an adult, they’ll have no idea they aren’t eating meat. Forget the health/vegetarian angle: this place is great! And even if you’re a college football player, you can walk away from a meal here stuffed to the gills, entirely satisfied, and still somehow managing to feel healthy and not weighed down. White And Green Jade is layers of steamed spinach with “very precious” bamboo fungus, Chinese jujube, Chinese wolfberry, fresh enoki mushrooms and sweet corn in a light ginger sauce. If some of these terms are unfamiliar, their menu has an entertaining and informative glossary in the back which is a perfect way to pass the time while waiting for your food to arrive. Staffed mainly with Asian-Americans, it still manages to have a funky, flower-child feel to it. They don’t serve alcohol, but offer up an interesting selection of juices and teas. The only thing to avoid are the desserts, which are simply not good because they use no eggs, dairy or sugar. If I lived closer to Sunflower, I’d get carryout lunches several days a week, and if I was forced at gunpoint to pick just one restaurant in the Washington DC area where I had to eat every meal for the rest of my life, I would choose Well, I guess I would choose Citronelle. But Sunflower would at least get a thought. This food is perfect for carrying out and reheating in the microwave, and will easily stay fresh in the fridge for a second night because of the airtight containers and vegetarian purity. As they say on the menu, “Everything is free of MSG, and only organic flavor enhancers, such as kelp powder, kombu, sea salt, canola oil, nutritional yeast, gomashio, barley malt, brown rice syrup, and vegetable stock are used.” Sunflower is only one exit outside the beltway (take I-66 to Nutley Street, take a left on Route 123, and it will be almost immediately on your left) and is only a twenty-minute drive from the DC line without traffic. Their website is here. You'll thank me, I promise you! Rocks.
  3. A little bird told me this is coming soon: "Washington's Vegan Dining Scene Is About To Get a Boost" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com
  4. I really wish I'd stumbled into Smoke and Barrel at the beginning of an evening out rather than at the end, when, famished and a little tipsy, I devoured my pulled pork sandwich at approximately the speed of light. I can't, therefore, provide thoughtful details much beyond "yum!" The smoked meat is piled on a respectable bun with a scoop of good cole slaw, with the surprisingly spicy sauce on the side. And I don't think anything has ever tasted better after a night of beers with friends. A side of sweet potato home fries was excellent.
  5. Soupergirl is located on M between CT and...18th st NW, this little take-away place just opened a few weeks ago. Some of you may recognize Soupergirl b/c she's been selling at local farmers' markets for years. Her food is all virgin (my short-hand for local, organic, eco-friendly, ect). Plus she's vegan and kosher. In my eyes the vegan thing is a huge downside. I love meat. All kids of protein. I digress. The menu consists of maybe 6 fresh soups every day and they offer free tastes. She has Gazpacho (or did earlier this week). There's also pre-packaged salads of both the veggie and grain varieties. Some of her soups are served both warm and cold. I've had a wonderful soy veggie soup and a fabulous quinoa salad that I added shrimp to once I got home. Excellent. Didn't really need the shrimp but I thought: why not? Give it a try; I think you'll like it.
  6. A non-foodie friend suggested Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant for dinner last weekend and we came away quite impressed. +1 ordered the Girgiro, the chef's own creation that came out on a "fire plate" - very tasty and tender and very generously portioned. I ordered the Gurage kitfo rare and it was excellent - nicely warmed with lots of flavor and generously portioned. We sampled a bit of the lamb tibs and vegan platters ordered by others - they were pretty good for what they are but not nearly as good as the Girgiro or Gurage kitfo. The injera was good and they also serve a good kocho (a chewy thicker flatbread that's served in wedges, which is also available at Enat). The service can be a bit slow and erratic at times in the busy restaurant, but it's actually quite nice and attentive for an Ethiopian restaurant. The menu is quite extensive, so there's a more here to lure us back.
  7. Not too far north in the city; Arlington would be OK, too. Looking for some place not overly expensive, but interesting, that can accommodate two diners' dietary restrictions.
  8. pure food and wine Vegan, raw (nothing cooked above 118 degrees), no soy or wheat.. I took a vegetarian friend there last weekend and was wowed. The food was delicious and inventive, more so than at any other place in Manhattan at which I've recently dined. It knocked the socks of wd-50. I strongly recommend the zuchinni blossoms for a main course, which are filled with faux chevre (derived from nuts, I believe) and served with a grape tomato, ramp, and avocado salad and a side of pickled almonds. Also wonderful was the thin mint sundae. I don't know they made vegan, soyless ice cream taste so good, but they did. I went in a skeptic and left an admirer. Go! It's at 17th St and Irving Place (between 3rd and Park), about a block and a half east of Union Square.
  9. What's the word on this place? Read a blurb about it in Washingtonian - anyone a regular? How do you order your burrito (heard there was a special way, kinda like In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style)? How does it compare to Mixtec (which, IMHO, is the best take-out burrito in the city)? Apologies if there is a post about this somewhere, didn't find one... Thanks!
  10. i can't believe there is no thread for meats and foods. they opened quietly in august 2013. they were previously supplying several bars and eateries under the name "13th st. meats" while working out of the kitchen at pharmacy bar but they finally opened a brick-and-mortar shop at the corner of Florida St. NW and 3rd St. NW. they offer a rotating and fairly wide variety of sausages, including half smokes, thai basil chicken, brats, a roasted poblano, and chorizo. everything is made at the shop. they can be consumed there or taken home. i love their sausages. they have been well tested and the care and love is evident. but what i really love right now is their vegan dog and vegan chili. this is far superior than anything else in DC, including ben's regular chili cheese dog. the vegan dog has the best texture. it's primarily gluten mixed with smashed black eye peas and garbanzo beans. they offer a small but choice selection of beverages. mexican cola, DC Brau, broadbent vinho verde. did i forget to mention that the sausage sandwiches on martin's potato rolls are all $6??? add ons, like sauerkraut and gordy's pickles can run you an additional $0.35-$0.50. you can also order a bowl of chili for $5. any 4 links to go are $10. they started ofering house made bacon for $5. they don't appear to have a website but they are active on facebook and instgram and will post their menu once a week on instagram.
  11. In PA for a wedding this weekend. Looked at us a bit funny as 3 families with kids strolled into a pub for brunch, but frankly not much else was open or looked good...plus all the parents needed a beer. Great draft list. I had a local bitters on cask (Yards ESA, I think). Po-boys were tasty and filling, and the fried green tomato BLT with Benton's bacon hit the hangover helper high points. Definitely a solid brunch/lunch option if you're in that neck of the woods.
  12. I predict this dessert of Zora's will become a vegan standard, and an instant classic. Rather than repeat what I wrote here, I'll just refer you to the comments section of the recipe on food52.com. Zora just wrote on Facebook that the dessert has become a semi-finalist. I had no knowledge that this dessert even existed until three nights ago, and Zora has no idea I'm writing this. My comments on the website reflect genuine enthusiasm for this impossibly simple, impossibly rich, impossibly chocolatey masterpiece.
  13. Soooooo I finally made it out to Ganesh Temple's Cafeteria after wanting to go sometime. I was repurposing after finding Gui Lin Mi Fen to be under renovation or closed (the guy couldn't really explain what was going on). It was for the best though as this place was truly one of the most memorable adventures I've had in a long timmeeee. It's this nice canteen serving nice Dosas and other Indian veggie dishes out of it's cavernous complex. The place is pretty big especially compared to the slumped wooden houses that surround it. They have it all inside: the wedding hall, prayer space, the canteen and MORE!! It was almost otherworldly seeing this massive Hindu temple in the middle of a random part of Flushing. Any who the food is quite nice and while I am a bit weaker in my Indian palate (didn't grow up eating it in the way I did other cuisines like Chinese) I would rate this place very high. Not only do they have a wide variety of dishes, particularly in dosas, that often one doesn't see BUT they have a whole slew of other dishes as well to quench your indian veggie appetite. I went with the Mysore Masala Dosa which was quite delectable and had the perfect amount of spice (I do love spice and could've handled more but this spice complemented the flavors well rather then overpowering them). I also should laud the price to quality ratio. I don't think a single item (admittedly I forget some of the spelling/names so forgive me dear rockers!!) was over 7 buckaroonies which in my book is a steal for the quality of these dosas. Sooooo between the very cool visiting the temple experience and the food I would say make the trek out here!!
  14. Simul Parikh

    Thai Food for Vegans

    So, once all my extended family found out about the fish sauce, Thai food wasn't really vegetarian to them any more... I have some family coming into town. Do you know have any vegan friend Thai restaurants in DC or VA? Thanks in advance.
  15. We started using Purple Carrot 3 weeks ago (family plan which gives us 2 4-serving meals per week). We have been eating probably around 75% vegetarian at home for the past year or so, and figured this could potentially introduce us to some new techniques/tastes in a relatively convenient way. Compared to the vegetarian options from Blue Apron, these seemed more interesting. So far so good. Only 1 or 2 of the meals have been "knockouts," but all but tonight's "North African Orzo Risotto" have been pretty decent. Favorites thus far have been spaghetti & carrot noodles with tomato sauce and miso/walnut "meatballs" (which you make from scratch with oats, nuts, & miso), and potato/collard green korma made creamy with almond milk. There is a disconcertingly large amount of packaging that comes each week, but nearly all of it is recyclable, and I'm told they are working on a system for customers to return packaging. Any other Purple Carrot folks out there?
  16. John William G

    Vegan in Northern Virginia

    We have a friend who comes to visit from time to time, who is vegan. Can anyone recommend a quality restaurant in Northern Virginia that his likely to have more than one vegan dish on their menu?
  17. Went to the Naked Lunch restaurant on Saturday, in the bottom floor of the new Mom's Organic Market in Courthouse (on Lee Highway). Enjoyed my lunch thoroughly. They don't seem to have a separate website (though they're a separate restaurant that I think only operates in MOM's - there's one in Rockville and Merrifield, maybe others). I can't find their menu online, so I'll try to remember to take a picture of the takeout menu I brought home. Some of the items are described in the yelp reviews. It's a tiny, tiny place - one two-top table, four barstools (with backs and padded, yay) at a little counter, and that's it. Good for take-out, if it's too full to eat in. Service (ordering at the counter) was a little slow, though it could be because they don't have their routine down yet. Service was also very friendly and accommodating. Everything was vegetarian, and I believe they can make most or all of the dishes vegan. Mostly it's fast-casual steamed or roasted veggies, on top of grains, with tasty sauces. They have set items (I was looking at the Lin Bowl and the Moler Bowl, but ended up with roasted cauliflower steak over spinach, brown rice, mushrooms, and a couple other things I think, with a zingy chimmichurri sauce/dressing). They'll substitute anything, it seems like, or just add things (I had asked about another dish that included sweet potato, and when I ended up with the cauliflower, she asked if I would like sweet potato on it too - yes please). And you can create your own combo if you prefer that to the bowls on the menu. Mine was very tasty and filling. I asked for light dressing, and she gave me extra on the side because she said she'd gone very light - I appreciated that. Delicious dressing, and it complemented the veggies very very well. My husband had the Sushi Bowl, which included tofu, rice, avocado, and some other things, and a gingery sauce that I liked very much (I'd order that dish another time if I wanted a change from the cauliflower). They have lots of fresh juices (all the combos had vegetables, which I'm not a fan of in juice form, so I didn't try them, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could get it without), kombuchas, bottled drinks in the refrigerated section, and a black bean burger as well as the various bowls. I'll definitely go back.
  18. Native Foods Cafe isn't only opening in the former Falls Church Pie-Tanza space, they're also opening at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue on October 14th, and 1150 Connecticut Avenue on September 30th.
  19. In the wasteland that is the shopping center at the corner of Lee Highway and George Mason, there is a small Indian restaurant that is owned by a very friendly couple. Their menu is huge for a vegetarian-only place, featuring several of my favorites (Dal Makhni, Cholle Puri, Masala Dosai, etc.) All portions are generous and there is not a dish on the menu that is over $10, which is great if you like trying a few things and not paying dearly for it like at Heritage or Rasika. With that said, this is obviously not at the quality of the high-end places in the area, but should not be ignored as a delivery option or if you are in the mood for a lunch buffet, which is available for $6.99 every day of the week except Monday, when I believe they are closed. Website
  20. While I am far from being a vegan, or a vegetarian, you didn't mention Great Sage. I've been there several times and found it to be enjoyable. If you buy into the concept, plant-based organic food, it can be quite tasty. Definitely do vegan food better than most places that specialize in such. It is our go to when a couple of my militant vegan relatives visit.
  21. When I was a student at UMCP, we would sometimes walk a little up Rt 1 to Jerry's pizza, which as I recall was next to a tire shop. Now that section of Rt 1 in College Park alternates between seedy old liquor stores and shiny new high-rise buildings with retail on street level. NuVegan is located in one of these newer buildings, immediately adjacent to campus, and entertainingly direct neighbor to a burger joint. This is the second store in a mini-chain, with sister location Woodlands Vegan Bistro on Georgia Ave in Columbia Heights. The menu has a short list of entrees (always available), a long list of cold sides (always available), and a short list of hot sides (rotating availability), plus a few sandwiches. There are also smoothies with four different bases (almond, soy, hemp, or rice milk). Many of the entrees are vegan versions of non-vegan dishes, such as mac 'n cheese, lasagne, burgers, fish sandwish, and fried chicken. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, and I am not inclined to eat fake cheese items, at least not where cheese is a central ingredient (lasagne, mac n cheese, grilled cheese). However I do sometimes enjoy fake meats, so I chose the "chick'n" tenders and a side of "mushroom medley". The chick'n was actually pretty well done, not completely identical to real chicken, but the texture was pretty close and the flavor was even closer. It would have been nice if the chick'n tenders were served with a side of some kind of sauce, but oh well. I think this would be a good choice for a non-meat-eater who might be jonesing for some fried chicken. The mushroom medley however was really subpar. It was described as a cold dish of "buttons and portobellos infused with a light oil dressing". Instead, it was at least 60% bell peppers swimming in an oily lake of what seemed like some kind of salad dressing (Italian maybe?). Any flavors were completely overpowered by the dressing, it was way too oily, and ugh, bell peppers. My vegetarian companion ordered bbq tofu with a side of broccoli. This was giant pieces of tofu again swimming in a thick lake of bbq sauce (I didn't try it, but it looked similar to Kraft bbq sauce) and large florets of plain steamed broccoli. NuVegan has counter service with odd seating. The tables in the center of the restaurant are high, round, and on the small side. Each table is surrounded by built-in tiny stools. Perhaps the uncomfortable seating is meant to deter college students from loitering for hours. Anyway, I think the main strength is in some of the meat replacement items. Non-dairy shakes/smoothies (did not try) can also be good for those with dairy issues. However, this place isn't going to end up in my regular semi-local rotation, unless eating with others who have serious dietary restrictions. Their website says: "Our Mission..... Become the motivating force that sparks a movement towards global awareness by redefining the perception of vegan cuisine.", but I'd rather they focused on good tasting food.
  22. NolaCaine

    Odd Statement by Waiter

    I just posted my review of SER and this minor point will not influence my decision to return but thought I'd open it up for discussion. Our server, when I asked about the veggie stew he told me that it was vegan. He then asked if I was vegan and before I answered said "if you are not, you should be." Isn't that odd? I gotta admit that it turned me off and 24 hours later, I'm still thinking about that. I mentioned it to neighbors and in-laws. It was that off putting. Would you be put off?
  23. This small ice cream store is located on the first floor of a residential building just off of Rt. 1 in Mt. Rainier, a few blocks from the border with the District near the silly "traffic circle". Metered street parking is available along 34th. The sign out front indicates that the ice creams are organic; they are also made personally by the owner, who told us that he was in the middle of making a new batch. We arrived about an hour before the official close time on a Friday, but he was in the midst of closing down, possibly because the previous batch of ice cream was almost gone. The regular flavors include a few "standards" such as cookies n cream and mint chocolate, as well as grape nut, coconut, sour sop, mango, stout, and a few more tropical fruit flavors. We were able to each get a cup of ice cream ($3), I had the grape nuts while my companions had mint chocolate chip and cookies n cream. The grape nut had a soft, creamy texture and a definite taste of grape nuts; my companions reported that they enjoyed their selections as well. I think there is a minimum for credit cards, and you might want to call ahead to see what the selection is like if you have a craving for a particular flavor.
  24. Tim Carman had a nice WaPo piece about Bete yesterday. Being kitfo fiends, G and I decided to check it out for lunch today. Forewarned to be specific about rawness levels in the kitfo, we went with totally raw (which rings up as "warm"), plus a vegetarian platter, plus a side of fasolia (green beans and carrots, $2 upcharge). It was as good as we had hoped, maybe even better. Their style of kitfo is minced relatively coarsely, a bit darker and drier than most, yet tender. It was buttery and well-seasoned throughout, and really doesn't need additional mitmita. One of the most delectable I've had. G thought the gomen had a nice, almost citrusy bite to it, and particularly liked the salad. I went straight to the yemisir kikwot; this version was a nice dark brick red, very rich, and well-stewed. Also notable was the azifa that Carman mentioned, which almost had a mustard green character to it. The only dull spot was the kik alicha (yellow lentils) which were rather toothier than I'd like. Many of their desserts are actually vegan, and when you walk in you can't miss the large trays of rustic Napoleons for dessert. The vegan version was surprisingly good, and you'd be hard-pressed to tell that it was dairy-free, except that the custard was a bit sticky. We didn't try the coffee. They do sell vacuum-packed bags of roasted whole Ethiopian beans, as well. While it may not have the traditional decor (read: uncomfortable seats) of some other Ethiopian restaurants in the area, if it's consistently this good, I think we might have our new favorite for MoCo Ethiopian. The location is a bit unusual, a small house set among the midrises and old office buildings of downtown Silver Spring, on the block behind the Silver Theater. There are only three parking spaces in front, but street parking in the area, and of course the city's large garages nearby. As the signs warn you, do not park in the ample empty spaces in front of the liquor store next door.
  25. The Daily Dish They are located in the strip mall on Grubb Road, near the intersection with East-West, a few doors away from Parkway Deli in the old Red Dog space. Aside from the seasonal/local bent (the entrees do change frequently) they are somewhat distinguished by offering a full bar and vegan/vegetarian-friendly selections. In terms of the kitchen's ambitions and the ambiance/decor, I regard them as slightly more casual than nearby 8407. We've been maybe 1/2 dozen times. It's always a bit of an afterthought for us. We go when we want something relaxed and close to home, and we've grown temporarily fatigued with the places in our usual rotation. Last Thursday evening, our party of 3 had a very pleasant meal. It was particularly delightful to sit just inside open garage door up front so we could enjoy the cool evening air. We each started with a vegan soup of the day. Both my companions had the tomato, which they liked very much. I had the potato/leek, which would have been improved with the addition of heavy cream , but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Both the crab cake (appetizer) and lamb shank (entree) were deemed good by my dining companions. I had a sauteed softshell crab entree that, while not iconic, was well-prepared and satisfied a craving I've been suffering for several days (NB: at $30, it was the most expensive item on the menu). For libations, we enjoyed a margarita (The Classic) and Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale, which was on draft. If it were as close to home as our other regular haunts, we would probably dine at TDD more often. Over time, it has proved to be a good option for us when we need to break away from our routine.