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Found 16 results

  1. I'm bringing a group of friends to Poste tomorrow night. I haven't been for dinner there in over a year. Anyone been lately? Suggestions?
  2. Given the impending opening of Acadiana, I'm surprised I haven't heard much here about the Jeff Tunks/Chris Clime project. Does anyone have news?
  3. Going to a concert at Verizon Center next week and can't decide between Graffiato or Tosca Pre Theatre Menu - I haven't been to Tosca in years, but used to love it. Enjoyed Graffiato a few months ago, but will probably be crowded on an event night - early reservations still available for that night. Was going to do Proof but no reservations available early. Updated comments are appreciated.
  4. Time and again you see R.F.D. and Brickskeller touting themselves as THE places to go for beer in this town. As some of you already know, I call bullshit on them. My visits to RFD have shrunk to almost a trickle since they've opened because they never have any real ale available. Right now, their website claims: "While we regularly feature Great Britians finest examples of cask ales we also contract our favorite American craft brewers to supply us with their favorite recipes brewed as Real Ales which we serve directly from the firkin thru our gravity pour tap at the proper serving temperatures." There are a handful of folk here who enjoy drinking real ale. I would like to ask those of you who do, to please use this spot to post when you visited and what real ale they had on tap when you went in. Even if you're not in the mood for a drink, but you're walking by, I encourage you to just pop in and ask the friendly barkeep, "Hey, what real ales you got on tap?" Chances are you'll post something like I'm about to do. Friday, December 23, 2005. 6:10 p.m. "Hi, what real ales do you have tonight?" "Oh, I'm sorry, we've got nothing on right now." Let's hear your RFD/Brickskeller stories. As far as I see it, DA is full of BS.
  5. Last Thursday my wife and I had dinner at Richard Sandoval's restaurant in Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Isla. This is similar to Zengo his restaurant which is scheduled to open this month in D. C. http://modernmexican.com/rs.htm Isla won the "best of Vegas" award for 2004 from Las Vegas magazine. His Denver outpost won a similar award from Denver magazine and his San Francisco restaurant is highly regarded. Maya, according to that harbinger of excellence and taste Zagat, in New York, is given 24 points for food ranking ahead of Rosa Mexicano and only two points behind the city's highest. Isla made me long for Rosa Mexicano. I am not a fan of Rosa Mexicano. Isla is known for tableside guacamole and 90+ tequilas. Costco has a remarkably good guacamole which is sold in translucent packets, four to the package. Each of these is superior to the green glop that we were served in Vegas. The chips that accompanied these were unusual in that they were considerably thicker, more irregular fried corn curiosities that neither of us cared for. Salsa that accompanied them was imaginatively presented on a two tiered bowl with the top tier housing three different salsas, the best of which was a watery chipotle. I am obsessed with tortilla soup. I have eaten this all over the United States from El Paso's Camino Real cafe (the best) to (insert name of city). From supermarkets to dumps which have never had another gringo stumble up to their counter to upscale white tablecloth Southwestern temples of hoity toity excellence I have pursued Great tortilla soup. The search did not stop in Las Vegas. Certainly not at Isla at Treasure Island. Shrimp ceviche was decent, several steps below the excellent ceviche at Coastal Flats or Guajillo. Queso fundido was good-but not as good as what we had at the nondescript Mexican at the Venetian the next night. A red snapper special disappointed while a boneless pork chop sauced with driblets of cream corn interspersed with mole was actually delicious-almost a Great dish! Side dishes of rice and pedestrian beans made me long for Rio Grande/Uncle Julio's though. A signature dessert which incorporated very good commercial Cinnamon ice cream and excellent bottled caramel was an appropriate finish to this $150 dinner for two. Three watered down "uptown" margeritas with Grand Marnier and top shelf tequila factored into this. What can I say? Las Vegas should have great Southwestern food-it's not that far from Phoenix or L. A. Albuequerque's Garduno's has an outpost there (benchmark guacamole and chili colorado that clears any nostril) as does Bobby Flay who some have called New York's best although I'm not certain what this means. Anyway, Isla/Zengo is coming here. My experience in Vegas was not one to make me stand in line on 7th street until it opens. Hopefully, because our standards are above those of Las Vegas (!) we will be gifted with a restaurant that lives up to the excellence Denver and Las Vegas magazines and Zagat honored their outposts for. Of course I am assuming that Denver, Las Vegas and New York know what exemplery Southwestern and Tex Mex should taste like. Perhaps remarkably, over the years, I have found that great Tex Mex is extremely difficult to find in these cities. San Francisco does have this. But I doubt that any of the taco trucks there which are truly excellent are listed in Zagat or any restaurant guide. And the several mom and pop restaurants in their version of our Riverdale are rarely written about in any review just as the best of Amarillo, Lubbock and El Paso are rarely reported in English in any publication. I have lowered my expectations for Zengo. I hope I am wrong to have done this.
  6. Go take a walk through Lucky Strike, preferably on a rainy weeknight around 8 PM. They're not crowded and it's about the damndest thing I've ever seen. Don't bother spending much time; just go and watch people bowl for about ten minutes, shaking your head in disbelief at the changes that have overcome this area. This is going to be a total zoo, and the time to observe this curiosity is in the next couple of weeks, before the holidays - they have radar measuring the speed of your bowling ball, along with a cornucopia of hallucinogenic visual effects. X-treme development, unquestionably the downfall of mankind, and at once fascinating and tragic. I'll sixty-nine with a pterodactyl before eating here, so someone else can be the test rat. Cheers, Rocks
  7. Tom mentioned that the chef and pastry chef of Oya had left. Does anyone have any more information? Was there a mass exodus? Where did the chef go? Will there be other changes? Although I had high hopes for the place, it seems like it is being micro-managed to death.
  8. Does Heritage Dupont deliver? I know I have spoken out against that location in favor of Heritage Glover Park location, but now that I have moved out of the GP delivery zone, I'm desperate. I generally agree with Waitman who said that Tonight, though, I ordered from Mehak and while it wasn't bad, I couldn't help but compare it unfavorably to Heritage GP. The delivery menu is, I find, somewhat limited. No small order sizes of daal of any kind, a pretty basic range of appetizers (and no seekh kebab!). The samosas I resorted to arrived in their own paper bag which was quickly covered with large greasy patches. They tasted pretty good in spite of being rather oily. Whereas I really wanted paneer, I wanted to test Mehak's kitchen with chicken tikka masala, that classic Indian British dish. Specifically, if I ordered white mean only, would it arrive that way? It did. I finished my dish, but out of hunger not enthusiasm. The gravy was dark orange, headed toward brown, and tasted of a smokey curry blend that I did not care for. Chunks of white meat chicken dotted the sauce along with slices of onion and bell pepper. There was a lot of sauce, but a paltry amount of chicken (with Heritage's dinner portions, I can easily have two full meals). Garlic naan was doughy and stuffed with raw garlic instead of roasted--it tasted good, but STRONG. Will I order again? Yeah, in a pinch I might. The alternative at this point is to change my commute to make a stop in GP on the way home.
  9. It's been tough waiting for HECOB to reopen. So bad, I half remembered Todd Kliman's snippet last summer about Dim Sum being served at Tai Shan in Montgomery Village. This location has always been pretty steady for mains even before the name/ownership change [back in the pre-butterstick, Peking Supreme days]. A couple of Sundays ago I went and found that a display case of tendon, seaweed peanuts and other cold dim sum had replaced the first couple of booths inside the dining room. The dim sum is ordered from a menu [attached], not carts, and is delivered from the kitchen when ready. I had pumpkin pancake [more like a bun], scallion pancake [no too oily] and pan-fried pork buns. The setting is almost serene compared with New Fortune and seemed to pick up after noon with Asian families. TaiShanDimSum_Dec2009.PDF
  10. As an allergic person, I approach every meal as a battle. After all, luck favors the prepared (wo)man. What's really in that "vegetable" oil? Are you sure there's no breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, whole walnuts that are going to end up sprinkled on my salad? So when I get a craving for Asian flavors, I wrestle with my desire to have my tongue sting and my nose run, delighting in the mix of garlic, thai basil, and anything else that could make my mouth sing with heat. Yesterday, I couldn't get Thai food out of my head. I thought about it the whole walk home. It was cold, I was tired, and damn, wouldn't some lemongrass really help my headache? I wanted chili oil, and I wanted it bad. When I opened my mailbox, I knew I was defeated- there sat a takeout menu from Kanlaya Thai. I am terrified of ordering delivery from Asian restaurants. When I go for Chinese, it's steamed, plain with white sauce on the side. Japanese is sashimi with no soy sauce. Indian? Forget about it. And Thai- could I really expect to eat safely in a restaurant filled with cashews and bean sprouts scattered like land mines? I had to chance it though. I called them, explained my allergies, and was told that the chef could prepare chicken Ka Pow for me with corn oil instead of soybean, and that I'd be ok with the Tom Yum Goong. I repeated my allergies. I was told it would be no problem. I told them they could kill me. I was reassured. So, I gave them my credit card number and 45 minutes later, the food arrived. Oh, man, was it good. Maybe not the most spectacular Thai cuisine in the world, but what do I know? It certainly hit the spot. The soup had just the right amount of heat, with plenty of mushrooms, lemongrass and two big shrimp, plump and not at all overcooked. The Ka Pow was a good portion of chicken, a little dry though, and could have been a bit spicier. To remedy that I just poured a bit of broth on the dish. And- guess what- I'm still here! No anaphylactic reactions, no horrid stomach cramps. So thank you to Kanlaya Thai, for satisfying my craving, deliciously and responsibly- for me the most important element of all.
  11. Saw a sign for "Slices on the Walk" next to Clyde's in Chinatown. Looks to be where the Auntie Anne's used to be. Not clear if this is related to Clyde's at all (they used to have a nice lunch spot Clyde's on the Walk). Would be great to have a decent place to grab a slice of pizza in the neighborhood (Bistro Med and Fuel don't do it for me).
  12. Noticed this place a few days ago while walking around. Doesn't appear to be open for dinner yet, lunch only right now. It's right next to Chinatown Express on 6th. I haven't had a chance to try it, but my sister-in-law did and said it was rather good. In particular, they supposedly make their pita from scratch and she noted that their pita was particularly good.
  13. Anybody tried Capital Q? Recommendations or warnings? http://www.capitalqbbq.com/
  14. Anyone else been here and disappointed? The concept appeals to me, but the execution is not so good. Cheap ingredients and sloppy execution in dishes that sound good otherwise. [warning: that last sentence based on a sample of three dishes only] I want to like this place.
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