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Found 4 results

  1. Should Costco have its own thread? I don't know how many of them sell fresh food and meat. I bought one of the buy and bake pizzas at Costco today. It seemed awfully cheap ($7.99). I decided that was probably because it was square and they may be experimenting with that (square takebake combo--the pepperoni and plain cheese were the same price). I have a Wolf Range--not the full commercial but fancier than a basic home range. It has 6 burners. I think if it as being pretty big. It's never been inadequate for anything we've asked of it in going on 2 years. (I'd have to dig through paperwork to give the precise specs.) The pizza is too big to fit in my oven! It looked like it might just fit, but I realized immediately that the front glass door was getting coated in cheese and tomato. I folded a margin of it over and am still attempting to cook it. When I bought it, I had figured if it was terrible, it was only $8, but I didn't factor in to that the labor cost of cleaning my oven door. Thank you very much .
  2. What's your Maximum Starbucks Density? I'm at 76. Although it probably changes pretty regularly. Find out yours here and let us know. I wish there was a site that could give me my tasty bar snacks density.
  3. Samurai Noodle, on Durham in the Heights opened in 2015 as the 1st Houston location of a small Seattle, Washington chain of ramen joints. I stopped in for lunch yesterday, and was surprised to find a nearly full restaurant. Given the heat/humidity, a steaming bowl of tonkotsu didn't really grab me, but Samurai offers 3 tsukemen options: a cold fish-based broth (described as "sweet"), a "peppery" chicken broth, and a spicy version of the chicken. I went with the basic peppery chicken broth ("Tetsu-max"), with "firm" noodles (you can specify the chewiness of your noodles, from soft to extra-firm). The house-made noodles were indeed firm, and I would not recommend venturing below this level, if you aren't into mushy noodles. The broth was strong and salty, as it should be, augmented with shredded pork, bamboo, and bits of nori. Condiments on the table included pickled ginger and chili sauce if you cared to dress up your bowl further. The portion of noodles was reasonable for lunch, though I imagine if I were here for dinner, I might ask for an extra serving, or maybe order some gyoza or karaage to start. There were a couple families with small children, and they have high chairs available if you need that sort of thing.
  4. [Please don't hide this hidden gem in "Multiple Locations" because it might be the best restaurant in Tysons Corner!] I had lunch with two colleagues at Nordstrom Cafe today, and I can't recommend it highly enough. This place is knocking out some of the best food in Tysons! First off, it's a cafeteria style, where you get in line -- and it can be quite a line at noon -- and order at the far left, pay at the far right, and the food is brought to the table when ready. There was an affable chap out front handing out menus and plenty of gratis tastes of today's fare. Inside, the decor is nicely not cafeteria-ish and there is comfortable seating for 100 or so. Ah, but the food....wow! Today I enjoyed the best bowl of she-crab soup I've eaten in a long time, if not ever, and the salmon salad nicoise was an amazing rendition. The she-crab soup was loaded with crab flavor and was really rich with cream and aromatics. I would order this soup over an over again. But let me pause to laud the salmon salad. Everything was perfect, and the roasted potatoes stood out with yummy caramelized crunchy surfaces. The salmon itself was cooked perfectly, with caramelized surfaces and a medium rare center, and it was melt-in-mouth delicious. I looked around the dining room while I was enjoying my food, and I was watching some beautiful compositions coming out of the kitchen....and a lot of empty plates returning. Notwithstanding the cafeteria style, service was excellent, from the gregarious greeter to each server along the line to the cash register team to the servers and the managers. This is a well staffed operation, and whatever gets emptied on your table is cleared in seconds. Oh yeah, and at the register you can get wine by the glass, or beer by the bottle. I went about some mall business after lunch, and on my way back to my car I passed the Cafe again. I grabbed a Margherita pizza to go....you know, in case I got hungry on that long ride back to Springfield. I ended up eating half of it before picking up KN Jr from high school, and he ate the rest. He typically complains about anything that doesn't come from McDonald's, but I never saw him eat half a pizza to fast. Since Inox and Michel closed in Tysons, I think this cafe can go toe-to-toe with Nostos, Shamshiry and Chef Geoff's when it comes to quality of food. I encourage some of you to check it out.
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