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Found 16 results

  1. If I was a guy and wanted to impress a non-foodie hot girl, I would totally take her here. Because it is probably one of the most romantic restaurants in DC. Period. There are wonderful trees within a courtyard that canopy the outdoor eating area. There's a lovely walkway flanked by tables as a bar area. The interior is reminiscent of the lush lounge at the Tabard. But the two food items I sampled were some of the worst things I've had in a loong time. A goat cheese torte came out in a slab like pate, was pink and came out with roasted red pepper sauce. Not a nice little tart shape as we were expecting. And let me say again... PINK! It didn't taste of anything. The chicken liver pate with green peppercorns was extremely kicky, but was a scatological dark brown and not the unctuous deliciousness that I've had at other places. I'd maybe stroll over to enjoy the atmosphere after a dinner at the Tabard, but that's about it.
  2. Any guesses on who's going to come to DC for the latest offering from the Kimpton Group? Or are they going to find someone already here?
  3. When you work in the business day in and day out, often we lose sight of simple pleasures in eating out. The wife and I, she being 7 months pregnant and I, use to working on Saturday nights, were thrilled to have a saturday night to go out and eat. Thanks DP! So we decided to visit Regine Palladin over at Pesce, my wifes former employer. Simple decor done well, small room that does get tight, but hey, as long as everyone takes a shower before, I don't mind. The best way to describe what Pesce is all about is....food from the sea. No turf in this restaurant. Cut to the chase on the review, here we go. Wife started with the Smoked Trout Salad. Good. Trout wasn't overpowering in taste, thus allowing the pears to add some sweetenss to the greens. Minus Gorgonzola dressing, a no-no while pregnant, and she was very satisfied with the App. She then ordered whole roasted flounder with maple-glazed root veggies. Again, simple dish, great flavors, and not deep fried as many do when serving whole fish. I started with Squash Soup. Well done, huge bowl, maybe a bit too big actually, all in all, great flavors. Not overly earthy, just the right amount of sweetness and spice for balance. Then I had the brandade. I love Brandade. Since my days working for Mr Buben I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Brandade done well. This dish was spot on. Just the right amount of Garlic and Salt Cod as not to overpower with a fishy taste. Lastly, Sea Scallops with a Mushroom Risotto. Good. Extremly rich,maybe that is why I had to take half home with me. All in all, a great meal that hopefully will not be the last time out before TBD arrives. If you get the chance to visit, give Regine a hug for continuing to produce simple dishes with overdoing.
  4. Ah, a new thread! For a not-so-new place. If you go, the scamorza is out of this world. Smoked cheese with smooth melty bits and crispy grilled bits. Everything was great, but this was greatest. The only warning: do not try to go on a Saturday night without a reservation. They were packed to the gills. We managed to snag seats at the bar, and had a fantastic meal, but there are only five seats there and the last one is right up next to the door. There must have been at least twenty people who came in looking for a table over the course of an hour; they were all turned away. Most but not all of the pastas are made in-house. The agnolotti and pappardelle were, and it showed.
  5. Been meaning to try Panas for a while now since it is so close to my office. Dined there last evening with my wife and had a really really enjoyable quick meal. My understanding is that the empanadas are Argentinean style so they are smaller than those at say, Julias (which is the only other empanadas place i've ever been to in DC). The restaurant is a nice space with a "hip" decor. It looks like Panas has about 15 empanadas choices. They had a number of vegetarian empanadas, steak, chicken and also tuna and shrimp ones. We both ended up ordering their meal deal which gives you a drink, three empanadas and a scoop of plantain chips. I ordered three: chicken pesto, brie and "fiesta cheese". All three were excellent, and in both of our opinions, miles better than Julias. I particularly liked the fiesta cheese one which had a lot of mozzarella filling and some very good caramelized onions in it. Overall, the fillings were all very good, savory and seemed very high quality. Their dipping sauces were also quite good. I particularly enjoyed the chimi sauce which was basically a tomato salsa type sauce with a hint of cilantro. If you like empanadas, I highly recommend checking the place out.
  6. I'd love to know what happened (or didn't) to Obelisk. When I moved to DC about 5 years ago, it was constantly mentioned by Tom S. and seemed to have a great rep. I always meant to try it but never did, and then I feel like it sort of dropped off the face of the earth. I remember someone bringing this up in a Post chat a while back and Tom mentioned something vague about a bad experience. It's Peter Pastan's restaurant, right?
  7. Walked by there today and it is open. A complete transformation of the previous premises (Mr. P's). Anyone been yet?
  8. I'm really excited for this. It'll actually give me a reason to venture into G'town for a night out. I don't understand the people who order macros at the Brick, either, but I would guess that they sell more of that than anything else. It's not uncommon to walk by a table and spy a sea of Miller/Bud/Yuengling/Corona empties; amidst this mess there will be one guy with a bunch of Belgians and English vintage ales in front of him. Hmm, which one of them said earlier that night, "Hey, guys, I have an idea: lets head on over to the Brickskeller!"
  9. First of all, apologies if there is already a thread on this. The search function wouldn't let me search for something with only three letters, and I looked through all the threads and didn't see anything. So has anyone ever been to Uni? What did you think? I'd never heard of it but am going with a couple of co-workers for dinner on Friday night. The Wash Post entry on it is interesting. "James Tan's neo-wave take on Japanese otsumami (small dishes) is a mix of tradition, innovation, trend and theater. He manages to keep all these plates in the air, although the juggling act gets a little uneven every once in a while."
  10. BarredInDC.com has announced that Japonè (2032 P St.), Cafe Japonè, and its lounge, Sango Sho, have closed - the two-story operation has been open since 1986 - (congratulations, by the way, on a 27-year run). Of the three Japanese restaurants on the south side of P Street in West Dupont, only the more traditional Sakana (2026 P St.) remains, as Uni (2122 P St.) also closed within the past year.
  11. Okay, this is one of those mornings where I *have to have a bagel*. Don't ask my why; I just do. Bullfrog Bagels is closed on Monday (and yes I *would* have driven to H Street to get one). I've heard good things about Bagels, Etc. on P Street in West Dupont. Can anyone vouch for them?
  12. I`d like to get everybodys attention to Eola. My first visit was last night (with my wife) and it was awesome. We had the tasting menu which is 6 courses and asked if they can do 2 different menus for us so we sample more of the food and they did. I noticed some of the food on the menu but most of them was created by Chef Daniel Singhofen on the spot. Overall we had a very nice, calm and relaxed dinner. The best course for me was a `sous vide rabbit` and apple sorbet was excellent. The rest of the meal was very good as well. From a tiny kitchen Chef can put out great food. Service was excellent provided by Dan. I believe once they settle in more they will have a very successful restaurant.
  13. Forgive me for judging a place without ever stepping foot inside of it, but this sounds like the dumbest fucking idea I have ever heard. Maybe once, just to see what the fuss is about. But a regular drinking spot? No way.
  14. The Washingtonian has a blog post about the new Cool Disco Donuts that's having a soft opening this Friday and grand opening next Friday in the old Tangysweet space on P Street. Owner is Aaron Gordon of Tangysweet. The picture on the blog post is ultra cheesy, and the doughnut trend is already verging on trite even though all these doughnut places haven't opened yet, but the name Cool Disco Donuts made me laugh (thinking of seeing the Cool "Disco" Dan graffiti and some personal memories of times when I was in DC when the graffiti was around.)
  15. Ezmè opened about a month ago in the old Pesce location. It's strange for me to walk in here and see a Turkish restaurant, but time moves forward. It's owned by the Bolukbasi brothers, who also co-own Bistro Cacao on Capitol Hill. I sat at the bar this evening and tried a couple of basics. I started with an Efes Pilsener ($5.50) which I enjoyed with the Babaganush ($5.95) - a small portion of grilled eggplant, chickpeas, tahini paste, heavy garlic, and olive oil, the whole package coming across as delicate, and served with a round of good, homemade bread. I graduated to the Efes Dark ($5.50) which is a better beer all around, with the same delicacy as the Pilsener, but the added complexity of rye-like aromas - this is the beer you should be ordering here. And it is indeed beer that you should order, because the wine list is pathetic (think Benziger, Moet et Chandon, etc.). With the Efes Dark, I got an appetizer portion of Manti ($7.95), homemade Turkish mini-pasta stuffed with ground beef, and served in a thin yogurt sauce. The highlight was a freshly made buttered red pepper sauce, brought out in the pan, and drizzled atop the manti - a dish which I haven't had since the last time I had it at Simit and Kabob, whose version was less homemade, with thicker yogurt, and more overt flavor. Both of these courses were on the light-handed side, and could have used a touch of salt. But they were both good enough to bring me back, and I'll happily return to Ezmè for a deeper sampling. (By the way, has anyone been to Mezè lately? I haven't been in years.) Cheers, Rocks
  16. Posted on eGullet - really recently. A good time has been had at 21P last Saturday. Because I really, really, really disliked BeDuCi, I was anxious to like 21P. Stepping in, I felt ready to trill like one of these deranged supersocial ladies, "I love what you've done with the place!" Decor is really quite enjoyable - blond wood across navy blue walls, glassed-in facade, orange daisies in turquoise glasses, very nice, nod of approval from Modern Living. Note that no delay in seating ensued with no reservation on a Saturday night. The bar gets a special vote - we only spent a few minutes there, but it seemed both inviting and strangely unpopulated. Wide barstools on which the bottom rests comfortably, same dark blue color scheme, and a counter facing the street. I can think of worse things to do on a weeknight than to toss back cocktails and watching Dupont go by. The food was...it reminded me of Princess Diaries or another movie where the plot revolves around a timid, unpopular and rather homely girl that through some twist of fate needs to Get Gorgeous, and soon. Twenty minutes later, after appointments with Antoine The Hairdressing Arteeste, posture tutors and unlimited accounts at Emporio Armani, she's a younger Elizabeth Hurley. Then, to stifle a fit of welling jealousy, you remind yourself that she always had good bones and pretty eyes to begin with. The food at 21P needs Antoine The Hairdressing Arteeste. Good bones and pretty eyes are there, they just need to be polished and presented. The ambition of the owners is clear when you take in the decor and some menu items. Now all they need is polish. My veal cheeks appetizer was gorgeous and prettily presented on a square plate (note to ambition.) My friend had a rather serviceable green salad with candied walnuts, so good I charmed and guilt-tripped him into feeding me most of them. The entrees were a step down. My cilantro-braised lamb shank was fork-tender and falling of the bone, but please. Does it need to be floating in the (tasty) sauce to the point of needing a swimguard? It takes a lot of sauce to sink a big ol lamb shank. Accompanying bean raviolis were yummy and with a bit of saucing on top could have warded off the dryness that distracted from how yummy they were. My friend's coffee-dusted steak (note to ambition) was okay and the sides of haricot vert and mashed potatoes (declined to taste) looked good. Desserts were a crash. The pastry department is either still putting its act together or is an afterthought of a busy kitchen. Flourless chocolate cake that looks like a strip of fudge. Strawberry bread pudding with heath bar crunchies in some manner of sauce. Both taste and look as if they came out of a glass case in a corner store. Provide a sugar rush, yes. Demonstrate ambition and finesse clearly present or attempted elsewhere? No. I think 21P is a great addition to the 'hood and I will continue to go - most certainly to the bar. My sincere wish is that they give the food a critical look to showcase its strengths a little better - which in most cases will require just a few tweaks. Antoine the Hairdressing Arteeste will be proud of this one when it emerges as a swan, and I sincerely hope it will.
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