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Found 12 results

  1. Today, after discovering that Myanmar was locked and dark (I'm 0 for 2 on my lunch attempts this week), I remembered this post and set out to find Miu Kee. I ended up at Vinh Kee, on Route 50 at Graham Rd. (same shopping center as Pho 75, but facing 50). We started with steamed dumplings, and although the dough was kind of tough, the dumplings were tasty. I had shrimp with Chinese broccoli and my husband had shrimp with spicy salt. Both were so good my husband is already talking about going back.
  2. I had dinner the other night at Victor's Grill on Lee Highway, an Argentine joint. My companion and I shared a parillada, enormous amounts of barbecued strip steak, pork chop, chicken, black sausage, and intestine, along with copious salad, rice and french fries. All accompanied by Argentine beer. I had the cebiche appetizer, which may have been the best thing of all. Or maybe the fruity/cream dessert. The service was very attentive, and nobody corrected my Portuguese-accented Spanish. It is not an elegant restaurant, but it is an honest place, and the meat, while not up to RTS standards, is tasty.
  3. I guess I'm the last person on Earth not to know that FDB Eatery is now open under the same ownership as what used to be Frozen Dairy Bar & Boardwalk Pizza, and before that, Frozen Dairy Bar. (The original owner (Ray Fletcher) and the original location of Frozen Dairy Bar are both long gone - Joe H and I may be the only two people left in DC who fondly reminisce over the old building and the three original vintage-1946 Electro-Freeze machines.) <--- This really wasn't that long ago. Anyway, I walked in, and there was a handwritten sign saying that today, they were featuring "Local Peach Sorbet," so I decided to take the healthy route, and got a Medium Cup ($3.75), even though this was non-dairy and anathema to the original concept of Frozen Dairy Bar. Time marches on ... and the sorbet was wonderful. But man it's weird to see this place succumbing to the three-character, stock market symbol-type nomenclature:
  4. This place has been open for about a year, across Annandale Road from Anthony's. I stopped in for the first time yesterday for a quick lunch. The website shows it is a chain/franchise, and the Falls Church location is the only one in Virginia. The menu is divided into two sections, European sandwiches and Asian sandwiches. Plus they have a selection of house brand coffee beans, macarons ($1.99 each), a variety of pastries, and a sign that says they make fresh baguettes every hour. The outside signage says open 24-7-365, but signs were posted inside that they're going to a 7 am. - midnight time schedule now. It was a little later than standard lunchtime, but I was the only Caucasian person in the place. A couple of Hispanic blue collar guys picked up orders, and the rest of the clientele was Asian. You order at the counter and there's plenty of seating. The menu was a little confusing, but the gentleman working the counter was very helpful, asking first if I wanted European or Asian, and then if I wanted a hot or cold sandwich. I said hot, and he listed the numbers of the hot sandwiches (the menu board showed the various meats/ingredients per sandwich) to help me narrow it down. I went Asian with a basic pork banh mi and some iced tea. The sandwich came out very quickly, and I thought it was good. The baguette was nicely crusty on the outside and not too spongy on the interior. The ingredients were bright and looked & tasted very fresh. The marinade on the pork was a little sweeter and more forward than at DC 50, and they used a moderate amount of mayo instead of a big glop, which I prefer. The iced tea was made with green tea. For $7.20 all in, a tasty lunch and fairly priced. I think I would give it a slight edge over DC 50 Sandwich on this particular day, mostly due to the very good bread.
  5. Our go to Pho 88 is somehow closed on Tuesday (!), so we gave Pho 50 a try. While they provided an uneven takeout meal last night, if we ordered more judiciously, we could have ended up with all hits. Of course, you need to limit yourself to only a couple items on the menu, but it's a small selection anyway. I really liked the broth that formed the base of the soup. It was aromatic and flavorful, with a some good cooked in spice, so I didn't even feel the need to add rooster sauce. Toss in an ample portion of basil, cilantro, plum sauce, sprouts, and noodles to get a full-flavored pho and a filling meal. I got my order with the meatballs, which were terrible. Unidentifiable and inedible meat compacted into a tasteless, hard and yet somehow also spongy ball. Given that I didn't want what ended up being plain pho, this was a cruel twist. My wife got the chicken, which looked fine. We also got an order of each of their rolls. One version (spring rolls, I'm assuming) was fried and quite tasty. That was due mostly to the hard frying and the taste of the oil they use, as opposed to the ingredients in the roll. Whatever, tasty is tasty. The other was their soft roll in the clear wrapping, which didn't appear fresh and were bland. You're only tasting the dipping sauce at that point, and even for me (a sauce hound!) that wasn't enough.
  6. Driving by this morning, Meat In A Box is gone. There is a place called Kabob[olo]gy in it's place and the signage says "Mediterranean cuisine." I have no idea if it's a rebranded operation from the Meat folks or if there is a completely new regime/chef in place. And the Smashburger has closed.
  7. Continuing my theme of restaurants that I enjoy but that most would probably abhor, Anthony's Restaurant is an old standby when in F-Church and needing a good bite, cheap. Sure, you need to keep a blind eye to the décor, make it two blind eyes, but for my money, they churn out a number of quality items. Highlights include the Gyro, Chicken Suvlaki, and Steak & Cheese -- all piled high, well seasoned and appointed. A basket of crinkle cut fries (yes!) or rings will complement those items nicely. I've also had their pizza, which is good, tho it can come out with too much cheese at times. I think their tzatziki is pretty good too. **Waves good bye to whatever credibility existed** My next post will be on the delicious club sandwich that can be had at the Cheesecake Factory"¦
  8. I drive Washington Blvd every day and just glanced over and noticed it this morning (same building as the marble and tile place). From what I can find it is a Persian take out spot. Does anyone have the scoop on this place? Why did they choose that name (is it a tribute to Timberlake and Samberg?!?!)? I consider myself a hardcore carnivore, but I can honestly say I didn't read the sign and think "Mmmmmmmmmm, meat in a box!" On the plus side, it is on the right side to make for an easy stop on the way home.
  9. I gather you're in the Falls Church/close-in Fairfax area. Back when I used to work in that part of the world, my favorite pho place was called Pho Sate (with six or eight diacritic marks over the e), which was in the crummy little strip mall on the southwest corner of Annandale Road and Rt. 50, which was torn down a while back. Pho Sate had vacated the place quite some time before that. I didn't realize it, but they've reopened (I'm pretty sure it's the same folks) in a less crummy strip mall on Graham Road just south of Lee Highway. Have you been? If not, you might want to give them a try. I can't recommend the place, not having eaten there, but I loved the pho at the earlier incarnation.
  10. I just got back from the lunch buffet at Karaoke Idol, a mom-n-pop Filipino restaurant in Falls Church (pretty much right across the street from Elevation Burger). The astoundingly cheap buffet ($7.99) sort-of starts at 11 AM, and runs all the way until the upstairs restaurant closes at 7 PM. There are about a half-dozen Filipino dishes such as menudo, adobong manok, and sinigang na galungung, all of them homey and worth trying. There's also a full menu to choose from, and if you call ahead they'll even make you a goat. The karaoke bar and lounge downstairs is where the action starts - it's open until midnight every day except Monday, 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. And what's even more interesting is that there's an entirely separate bar menu downstairs - with about twenty different classic Filipino bar munchies to choose from. There are a couple other Filipino restaurants in the DC area, but this may be the only one that serves these types of "drinking snacks" that you'll find in the back-alley bars of Manila. Cheers, Rocks.
  11. In my absence, the family did a takeout chicken from LCP last week. There were no leftovers for me to try, so I can't give a firsthand account; however, they rated it "delicious" and comparable to other Peruvian chicken establishments in the area.
  12. Go back to Eden Center and try the sandwiches at Banh Mi So 1. They bake baguettes fresh all day long which makes a huge difference in the sandwiches. Compared with the bread used at Song Que, the fresh baguettes are longer and thinner, like a ficelle. The end result is a nice balance of bread and filling.
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