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  1. Tom Sietsema's review. Big fan of the original Hollywood East and excited that they're now doing dim sum. Looks like the new place is right across the street from Good Fortune on University Boulevard, hopefully the competition will spur both to new heights. (It sure it won't make parking any easier round there on weekends, though.)
  2. After living in Colesville for almost 7 years, I finally got around to trying Max's Kosher Cafe on University. Its in the same shopping center as Full Key and Pho Hiep Hua which I frequent so often that my food often arrives at the table as soon as I do. In any case, I had heard about it somewhere regrding falafel and that sounded good. But when I got there, I saw a schwerma rotisserie and thats what I had to have. Schwerma is layers of beef and sometimes lanb, roasted as it turns and sliced as needed to serve. Unlike chicago style gyros, made out of ground stuff, Schwerma is layers of lean m
  3. With a tittle like that, maybe you are expecting tuxedo shirted waiters and mariachi music in the background {ala Samanthas) and you oculdn't be more wrong. First off, instead of a brightly painted home like interior, the place is brightly lit in the middle of an Asian owned Mercato in a strip mall on Ennalls Ave in Wheaton {even thought the card insists on Ennalls Eve!}. The staff is a varied roster of very friendly, if English limited Latina's usually presided over by one of the owners. The menu, up until the printing of trifold cards with the menu printed on both sides, consisted of bad pic
  4. From what I've read here, this is coming from the owners of the Limerick Pub, Squire's Rock Creek Chop House is opening just across the street on Price Ave in Wheaton. The concept reminds me of Ferdinands. I don't expect a destination restaurant, but perhaps a local watering hole where family can gather? Will be interesting to see how it is priced as well.
  5. My favorite Thai in Monkey Cty. is Ruan Thai in Wheaton. Just off of University about two blocks East of Georgia. Warning - It ain't much on ambience.
  6. I like San Woo but I think WooMi is much better. We love the KimChee Jigae and other soups like Man Doo Guk. I also love the seasoned tofu appetizer. They make a casserole Mandoo which, if there are 4 or 6 of you would be a great starter. Their $9 all you can eat lunch is a guilty pleasure. I think the Sushi is only so-so.
  7. I first tried out Seoul Food's offerings at the DC Grey Market a few months back. They're now a full-blown food truck and received a nice writeup in yesterday's Good to Go column. They make their way to Courthouse once every week or two, and Rosslyn, Clarendon, and Ballston are among their regular stops. So far I've tried a couple of different dishes and find that they are tasty, filling, and a pretty good value. As the article notes, the bibimbap is a little different than the usual restaurant version, with shredded fresh carrots and radishes and salad greens included. The beef and the tof
  8. I'm not sure when Sol y Mar closed, but Gisele's Creole Cuisine, a Haitian place, has apparently opened in the Royal Mile space per Robert Dyer's blog.
  9. New, just open for about 8 days so far. The sign says Asian Food but the menu is Chinese. There is one noodle, congee and "Over Bridge Yunan Noodle Coming Soon" manu in a plastic holder on the table, and a spiral bound generic menu listing all the typical dishes of a generic Chinese restaurant menu, more than any one restaurant could possible do well. My strategy woould be to discuss the order with the waiter rather than pick from the huge menu. We tried Congee with dry scallop, oyster and pork thinking that it would be made with dried scallp and fresh oyster. It was made with dried scall
  10. I noticed a sign while driving today for Chutney Indian Restaurant supposedly coming soon to a space near the intersection of Georgia Avenue and University Boulevard in Wheaton. I don't know what used to be in the space. The only information I can find online is this skeletal Eater post. I'm wondering whether this place has any relation to the restaurant of the same name in Columbia, for which I can't find a thread despite rave reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor (I know, I know ... but still). I wouldn't mind at all having a closer option for Indian food than Ghar-E-Kabab, which I think is o
  11. Every time Bob's mother is in town, we try to find a different Filipino restaurant to take her to (she's an 88-yr.-old Filipina). Most of the places we've been to have been to have been mediocre at best but I saw a good notice of Lumpia, Pansit elsewhere so we decided to try it out on Saturday. It's in the Festival Center on Muddy Branch Road in Gaithersburg, just beyond the Grand Mart, and appears to have been a Japanese restaurant earlier (at least, that's what the low tables in the front window area suggests). A brief talk with the owner told us that she used to run a catering business, and
  12. After reading Todd Kliman's recommendation of Thai Taste by Kob, we went that Friday. The restaurant is located on Fern St. in Wheaton, behind the very good Hung Phat grocery store (fresh rice noodles and Red Boat fish sauce). The location seems to be an incubator for well-regarded restaurants, formerly being the home of Nava Thai and Mi La Cay. We had the following dishes: Moo Yang (appetizer)- recommended by Kliman. Grilled pork with a delicious dark spicy sauce; the roasted ground rice added a pleasing texture. Pork was juicy with a nice char. Reminded me of a grilled beef dish ca
  13. Meetup at Thai Taste by Kob for some firey Thai street food, anyone? Less blistering dishes are not out of the question, although I personally would like at least one or two Thai-spicy options.... My schedule is really difficult, the best day this month is probably Sunday 22 November, I'm thinking lunchtime. Other Sundays in November might be possible if the 22nd is terrible.
  14. I haven't been there yet, but I recently learned of a new restaurant in Wheaton called BeClaws. They bill themselves as Cajun fusion. People on my neighborhood listserv seem to like it, for whatever that's worth. Has anyone been?
  15. I hate to begin a new thread by announcing that a restaurant has closed, but such is the case with Matamoros in Wheaton (Thanks, KS, here's a Review I wrote about it).
  16. We went to Lotus Cafe a long time ago and it was just okay then, no better than any others in the area and Pho 75 was tops at that time. But we just had the opportunity to try out a fairly new restaurant in Wheaton on Wednesday, and I had the best Pho I have had in a long time. The broth was incredibly beef-y and flavorful. Check it out and let me know if you agree, Thomas P. (Summer rolls were tasty as well) Cam Ranh Bay Pho and Grill It's located in half the building that used to house Good Fortune, on Univ. Blvd. (The other half is a Chinese restaurant.)
  17. The former Good Fortune space on University Boulevard in Wheaton is now split into two restaurants - Cam Ranh Bay on the right, and Gourmet Inspirations on the left. The ownership has changed, but the space has been renovated and on their website (http://www.gichinese.com), the new owner of Gourmet Inspiration says: It has been a while since I went to Good Fortune - the interior has definitely been spruced up. We arrived shortly after they opened at 10:30 on Sunday, there were only a few tables of folks when we got there but it was filling up rapidly by 11:30. At first only a few carts we
  18. Song Phat has their grand opening signs up so I went for a quick lunch today. Vietnamese noodle house & grill menu with a few additions. I tried the grilled meat wrapped in grape leaf and the papaya salad with grilled shrimp. The meatballs were tasty enough but a bit large so the ratio of crispy to center was a little low. The papaya salad was good loaded with red pepper for a hot kick. The grilled shrimp were ok. They ahve only been open a few days and I hope they keep working on the execution to raise it a touch. As it is, the best Wheaton Vietnamese choice and a good spot for fresh, spi
  19. Don't know diddly about this joint. Probably never will. It's a rare day I haul ass anywhere north of Cleveland Park. Nevertheless, this message arrived in the mailbox of joy and I have no idea whether this dude can cook, but I've had most of these beers, and the water of life, and they're mighty fine. (Actually, my sked is pretty booked for late Oct., early Nov., or I'd give serious consideration to going since it's on the subway.)
  20. 2559 Ennalls Ave., Wheaton, MD 20902 Meant to write something about this a while ago, but never got around to it. We went here a couple of months ago after a small write up in the Washingtonian. Seafood is the specialty here. Ceviche and fried seafood to be more exact. One piece of caution, they don't speak english very well, but never-the-less the food was really good and we will go back at some point. All ceviche was made fresh and tasted fresh as well. The fried seafood had the perfect amount of breading and a nice crispness. We ordered once ceviche, and a platter of an additinoal
  21. I've had lunch at Pio-Pio in Clarendon twice now, after medical appointments nearby one month apart. Yesterday, I had a quarter chicken, yuca, and spiced cabbage. I've had deep-fried yuca at various Peruvian chicken joints dozens of times, but yesterday was the first time I ever had it right out of the fryer, and oh man was it good, hot, crisp, soft inside (all except for one too-thick piece that wasn't cooked through). The chicken was good too. The spiced cabbage is mostly vinegar-marinated cabbage with a few slices of jalapeno, and is fine, if served up too generously.
  22. I am a big fan of Sunday brunch. There is nothing quite like the feeling on the morning after the night before. You wake up late. Every cell in your body feels swollen to three times its original size after last night's excesses. Surely is not natural for the sun to be so bright so early in the morning, you think, channeling Bridget Jones. You drag yourself out of bed, pull on jeans and a skanky top and grope your way through the streets to the nearest brunch joint with eyes half shut. (For those of you who live in West End "“ you don't know me.) Finally, after what seems like an endless wai
  23. Nava Thai is at the back of the Hung Fat Thai Market on Fern Street in Wheaton. It is closed on Wednesdays. Our first visit did not register much and we have not been back in a while. But recently I have heard good things so we gave it a try! Sunday after Thanksgiving, and wife & I needed a good lunch to get the juices flowing before going into the restaurant for a long day of accounting issues & running the restaurant for dinner. Soup was in order. We first thought about a run to Bob's Shabu squared but it was too far. Sergio's for pupusas & chicken soup sounded perfect so we dro
  24. Is this still the land of under-publicized ethnic gems? Hollywood East, etc? Looking for a late-ish night spot (serving until 10:30 would probably work).
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