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Found 15 results

  1. 2 weekends ago, stopped in this new place for lunch and really enjoyed the chicken. Here is the website. We had a half white and it was cooked perfectly like most pollo a la brasa places but it was also super flavorful. I almost bought more even though I was stuffed. Kind of addictive. The 2 sauces were good two - a yellow mayo that wasn't spicy and a tomato based spicy one - I'd say a medium strong heat. The sides were hit or miss. The guasaca was a riff on guacaomle and served chilled was kind of meh - especially since it doesn't come with chips or anything to scoop it with. Better were th
  2. It's been over two years since I have been coming to the Horse Inn, or as the locals simply call the Horse. In all my years of dining out, there is no other place that comes close to what this tavern delivers. Horse is the quintessential neighborhood spot. Its located away from the city's main hub of eateries, and not in downtown Lancaster. They don't really advertise, and there is a no reservations policy, yet each and everyday there is a line out the door prior to opening. The consensus is that is has everything to do with the owners, Matt & Starla Russell, have built along with their
  3. Whiskey Pods Today’s dose of WTF. I’m on board with wine , and possibly cocktails in a can, but this is just ridiculous, IMO.
  4. John Brown General & Butcher Shop which once was a gas station and general store has been become one of my favorite spots to pop into on my way to Baltimore. Walking into this quaint shop is like taking a tour through the pages of Bon Appetite Magazine. From the meat case that showcases cuts , to the other case that houses an abundant selections to build a buzz worthy charcuterie board, and there is no shortage of options. As you head back of the building, you will find an array of spirits ranging from wine to liquor as well as local beer. In the few visits that I have made, I have feaste
  5. Today the good people of Schneider's were kind enough (cough) to sell me a bottle of Black Maple Hill 18yo rye whiskey. Think I'll have a wee dram [can I say that aboot rye?!] after dinner tonight. I love both bourbon and rye, but am not very experienced with either. And there's no thread on this site! Surely some of you have opinions...? What are your favorites, and why? eta: day-am, that's smooth! a little sweet, almost perfumy somehow, faintly woody, with an impossibly long finish. Sorry I'm not enough of a writer to give a better description. The only other rye I can compare it to is the
  6. I just got a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey. Any ideas on cocktails, recipes, etc.? I think if I drink it straight, I'll end up with a sugar rush and hangover.
  7. Wild Turkey makes a couple of wild turkeys - just like they all do (I'm looking at you, Jim Beam) - but the 101-Proof Bourbon and Rye have always come through for me. Some Bourbon aficionado friends of mine maintain that 90 Proof is the "sweet-spot," below which Bourbon and Rye dare not tread, but I've found some offerings in the mid-90s that seem to have declined in recent years - in particular, I'm thinking of Bulleit, whose Rye I used to really enjoy, and is offered at 95 Proof; however, that product is not what it once was - maybe I'm the only one who's noticed, but I used to like it, and
  8. Matt and I went to Blue Pit BBQ on Saturday night after a few beers at Union with some friends who recommended it. I thought the BBQ was definitely up there, better than anything I have had in the DC area for ribs and pulled pork. I thought the smoke level was good, I liked the rib rub, it was so good you didn't really even need sauce. I wouldn't have minded a spicier bbq sauce for the pork, but I ended up really liking their mustard sauce with the pork actually. Our friends didn't care for the bratwurst, of course they are from Minnesota and their parents make bratwurst so... I liked the si
  9. Just got an email from Bluegrass Tavern in Baltimore- they are planning a release of Templeton Rye next Tuesday night. It's a great small batch rye whiskey from Templeton, Iowa. It was Al Capone's favorite whiskey during prohibition, and was only previously available in Iowa, Illinois, and most recently NYC and SF. Had some a year or so ago- great stuff. Glad to see it more available. Any word on a release in the DC area?
  10. Wow, no thread yet? You guys are slacking...... To go along with the fantastic coffee shop down the street (where I spend a decent amount of time on my weekend days), Bloomingdale now also has a really good neighborhood bar where I can spend a good amount of my weekend nights. No offense to Rustik, who deserves respect for being the first to step out and open a bar in a gentrifying neighborhood during difficult economic times, but they have always missed the mark during my visits (overambitious food and stale draft beers). Enter Boundary Stone, a small but comfortable competitor not 100 yards
  11. My friend recently purchased four bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. Instead of us just sitting around the house and drinking it (and eating cheez-its), we would like the ability to bring our bottles to a restaurant and eat some great food while drinking our bourbon. I have reached out to some restaurants and got a quick "no" because of "laws" or something silly like that. So, I was hoping that someone on this board would see my post, take pity on us, and invite us to your fine establishment. There are 8 of us (4 couples). The husbands will be drinking the bourbon, our wives will drink copious
  12. An investigative look into some of the small batch craft whiskey's now on the market. Story
  13. I can't seem to find anything on this place on here, which is probably due to my poor searching and/or reading skills. So apologies if this is a repeat thread. We stopped by on Friday night with a group of four to check this place out, and left thoroughly impressed. A few thoughts (and all from memory as they have no website so I can't cheat and look at things): It' much smaller than I expected. And much smaller than its two neighbors, Eat the Rich and Mockingbird Hill. In that, the front rooms of Mockingbird Hill and Eat the Rich are the same size as the entirety of Southern Effi
  14. This is one of the bottles that Joe Riley selected for me, and it's a fascinating whiskey, supplemented by an even more fascinating backstory. Whether it's true or not will be left up to the reader. I'll just quote straight from the canister: "Introducing our small batch blend of Bourbon and Rye Whiskies"¦. The batch we never intended. With just one taste our Associate Master Distiller, Eddie Russell, knew their mistake was more a master stroke. Because it married the very best qualities of our robust Rye whiskey and a fine Bourbon: vanilla, oaky taste pointing perfectly towards a cinnamon
  15. Checked out Black Whiskey last night and it's well worth a visit. Jack and Saeed behind the bar (think Bar Pilar, St Ex, Marvin, 18th St etc etc) serving up their usual levels of hospitality. Simple menu of carvery plates, choose a meat and then accompanying sides - simple but well executed and reasonably priced. Pool table at the end, which will inevitably be overused in the short term and a welcome diversion once the "cool" period finishes in a few months. The upstairs opens fully tonight and is worth a pop in, the downstairs looks a couple of months behind but has a good team to launch
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