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Found 9 results

  1. I'm a touch partial to their Osso Bucco as the veal chop seems to be getting a bit fatty lately. Had dinner there in November and the Osso Bucco was just like my mom would make if she were Italian...
  2. Next time, if you are as far north as Sherman Oaks, consider driving about a half an hour further up 101 to Thousand Oaks and going to Marcello Ristorante (140 W Hillcrest Dr., 805-371-4367) for their Ravioli de Zucca.
  3. It doesn't, but they list Bolly at $70. There are retail wine merchants who charge that (they're ripping you off, of course, but still). I've often wondered about that place when taking my dog to the (wonderful) vet across the street.
  4. Who knew that Savino Recine was a magician? I do have a question: On Primi Piatti's main page, down at the bottom, there's a 2-minute video of Chef Recine. At the :18 second mark, I can't tell if he's saying "cooking" or "cocaine." Oops. "Personally, I couldn't care less - it's a slow news day ... must be the snow OOPS. <Knock, Knock!> "Who's there?" "It's the devil, Don. I've come to take you to Hell now." "OK, just gimme two seconds to finish this line OOPS." The internet is the devil's work. It, and Hell, are for all eternity. GalileoWashPost.pdf Buone Feste.
  5. So, I live pretty far away from the beltway now and I'm not sure if this should be in the Washington DC or Baltimore forum (it is just on the Carroll side of the Frederick/Carroll county line). Brick Ridge is a quaint little roadside restaurant that does much better than you'd expect on the way to Westminster. They've been there since 2000 and have been cycling through the 50 states, offering specials from that state, one different state each week during the year, for many years. Yes, this sounds gimmicky and risky but I've enjoyed it. I've been 4 times maybe as I now live very close. I'm not going to comment on particular dishes but will give an overall sense of the place. I would put it on a par, or maybe better, with Monocacy Crossing, which is to say it is food prepared by a kitchen that knows how to cook well. I'd say the dining rooms are nicer/brighter at Brick Ridge. The menu will typically have 10 or 15 standards that stick around (duck, steak, etc) that include safe options and a few more adventurous dishes. Then each week they offer a handful of dishes from that week's chosen state - so for instance, here's this week's Montana specials menu: Custer’s Last Stand - $7.00 - Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Triple Sec and Blackberry Liqueur Served Over Ice Potato and Spring Pea Soup - $4.95 - Chicken Broth Based Soup with Potato, Spring Peas and Carrots with Sourdough Croutons Lamb Patties - $10.95 - Ground Lamb and Green Onion Patties with a Lemon and Mint Aioli Bison Ribeye - $28.00 - A Grilled Ten-Ounce Bison Ribeye ~ Chipotle Pepper Glaze Wild Steelhead Trout - $24.00 - Flat Iron Grilled Fillet of Wild Trout ~ Blackberry-Merlot Butter Big Sky Blackberry Crème Brume Brule - $6.00 The owner Todd Bricken is ever-present and the staff is very experienced and always helpful. Given that each week they are changing gears on some items, taking some risks and such...I'd expect that they occasionally serve an off dish. I'm glad to be close by though and would recommend this place...given the mix of safe and adventurous, quality and comfort...to anyone.
  6. Anyone ever been here? We are being taken here tonight and noticed that there is not a thread on it. We will report back, but I thought I would place a shout out to see if anyone had any intel. This place has been in McLean a long time.
  7. Back from another trip to O. C. and, once again, no idea why Don buries this national class Mid Atlantic beach resort in the "Baltimore" thread. There are more people from the D. C. area there (and Philly and Wilmington) than Baltimore. Regardless, we went back to Shark on the Harbor in West Ocean and discovered Hooked which has waits which make Rose's look look like prep school to the graduate school 90 minute wait at 9:30 last night at 80th and Coastal Highway.. Hooked is the equal of Black Salt. It is THAT good. By Ocean City standards THAT is incredible. O. C. shouldn't have a restaurant this good. But it does. No reservations. No comment. But, it has a lot of ambience, white table cloth, soft lighting and is worthy of an anniversary and the drive from D. C. Shark on the Harbor is a different place before the sun sets. It has a really talented chef but doesn't have the "feel" (before sunset) of a serious restaurant. Yet some of what is served is imaginative and excellent. We loved it and will return-after dark. Right now, based on a half dozen or so trips in the last year and tens of thousands of calories I would suggest that Hooked is Ocean City's best restaurant. Captain's Table, Liquid Assets (fantastic setting for a restaurant with tables in the middle of a candle light lit wine shop) and Shark on the Harbor all are seriously worth a visit, too. We go back to O. C. for New Year's Eve. We will spend it at Hooked. Probably much of the evening waiting in line...
  8. For dinner, don't miss The Helmand, only about 5 min. drive from the inner harbor, straight up Charles Street. The food is reasonably priced, with good size portions and incredibly tasty. Don't miss the kaddo borawni (baby pumpkin) and the Bowlani (leeks and potatoes in pastry) from appetizer menu and I'm partial to the lamb kabob or the beef tenderloin. Also said to have excellent Turkish coffee. This place was in heavy rotation for the 4 years I was living in Baltimore.
  9. I wanted to thank some of the folks I work with (and their spouses) so I have invited out them for dinner. However, the place I was thinking of seem un-inspired (chain type steak house in tyson's). I think if when there, folks will be happy but wife suggested perhaps I ask the folks on this board. I'm trying to show some appreciation for folks who really help me out at work (along with the spouse). Price is not a big deal. We'd like a really nice dining experience (I don't want a quick sit down meal of app, main dessert and they rush you out). Most of the folks are coming from fairfax area. like to keep the driving under 45 minutes. Any recs.
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