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Found 6 results

  1. For those who think wine tasting is some sort of bogus lie, I could name nearly an infinite number of counter examples: * If you walk through an art gallery, can you tell a Renoir from a Rembrandt? * If you close your eyes and sip a glass of juice, can you tell if it's apple juice or orange juice? * If you hear a song, can you tell if it's Bob Dylan or David Bowie? --- This is a true story: About twenty years ago, in a New York tasting, a group of my wine-tasting friends were all there. Our own Sasha Katsman had passed out on the couch sometime after midnight, but the others were still going strong. One of my friends had opened and served an old wine, in a brown paper bag, which, after much arguing, was determined to be a 1964 Bordeaux. After about fifteen minutes of arguing and screaming, they had all narrowed it down to a Pomerol, but nobody could decide which one it was. When they had reached a point of permanent disagreement, they went to shake awake Sasha from the couch, who had been dead-to-the-world for thirty minutes. They roused him, and shouted, 'Sasha! We need you to tell us which 1964 Pomerol this is!' With his eyes closed, he staggered over to the table where the glass of wine was, picked it up, and without opening his eyes, sniffed it, and without tasting it, put it back down, eyes still shut and said, "It's not a Pomerol; it's Cheval Blanc." He then staggered back to the couch and went back to sleep. He was right.
  2. Pain Grillé by Francine Lubera on sofiavolo.com
  3. Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar Invites You to an Intimate Wine Dinner with Braida Winery from Italy on Saturday, October 25 On Friday, October 25, Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, Capitol Hill's pioneering wine bar and farm-to-table restaurant, is hosting an exclusive 20 seat wine dinner with a pre-dinner wine tasting featuring the wines of Italian winemaker Braida. The evening begins at 6:30pm, starting with a pre-dinner meet and greet and wine tasting, with wine expert Norbert Reinisch, Braida's Export Manager and Founder's Son-In-Law. The tasting will include Braida's current releases of Montebruna, Il Baciale, Moscato d'Asti and Brachetto d'Acqui and will feature multiple vintages of Bricco dell'Uccellone and Ai Suma. After the wine tasting, guests will enjoy a three-course dinner plus amuse with wine pairings - each dish crafted by Executive Chef, Joshua Hutter to highlight the featured dinner wines. Among the menu items: Fluke crudo with lemon, moscatto gelee, frisee and local asian pear paired with the 2012 Moscato d'Asti; Grilled duck with a barbera cherry gastrique with savory pumpkin and sage bread paired with the Barbera Monte Bruna. Three Course Wine Dinner Menu First Fluke Crudo with preserved lemon, moscatto gelee, frisee and local asian pear paired with 2012 Moscato d'Asti Second Grilled Duck Breast "Autunno" Duck, chicharonnes, Barbera cherry gastrique with savory pumpkin and sage bread pudding paired with Barbera Monte Bruna Third Plum crisp with Local plums, brown sugar farro crumble and local goat cheese gelato paired with 2012 Brachetto d'Acqui Tickets for the wine dinner are only $80 per person and with only 20 seats available, the event is expected to sell out. To reserve your seat, email Brittany@sonomadc.com. Also as a special offer, ACE Beverage retailer will be offering exclusive discounts for guests to purchase their favorite Braida wines that they have tasted throughout the evening.
  4. I'm flying out of Dulles on Thursday and returning on Sunday. If I remember, I'll get a bottle at Vino Volo.
  5. I'm anxious to drink but know nothing about wines. As Don suggested, a primer about this wine would be nice. Any volunteers? I'm guessing people can start quaffing now that we have a wine selected and just post whatever impressions they have. I personally would like to know what makes this wine good or bad. If you would like to try this wine, please post and say when you might get your hand on the wine. I just got my bottle!
  6. Here is a last-minute rescue opportunity for anyone reading today... If you were me, and: Had a mother in law who adored wine (on the simpler scale, not sophisticated palate) Who wanted to taste several tonight And have them paired with small bites And a person (or people) available to talk her through an experience Where would you go? Cost is not an issue, but anywhere "stuffy" will be as annoyed with us as we are with them. I'm tempted to host a mini-tasting on my patio, but would prefer to save the market stops and kitchen flurry by simply outsourcing tonight. Bonus Points: Virginia or Maryland preferred. Anything in nature, even just a nice flowerbed, would be a HUGE plus. (probably an impossible request) (but thanks) (for thinking 'bout it)
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