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Found 4 results

  1. I just got back from a quick weekend to New York. The whole trip was animated by absurd amounts of hype--mainly because I reread my dogeared Goethe and decided that sometimes you just gotta pull a Faust and make a bargain. At least that's how I explain how I procured those Hamilton tickets for Saturday night. I was afraid the hype would sully the experience, like poor Japanese tourists with Paris Syndrome. But it didn't! So the next day rolls around and I decide to keep the hype train going. Superiority Burger in the East Village has been getting a lot of buzz, especially with the James Beard nomination and glowing reviews from the Times and the New Yorker. It's a fast food joint, but less like one done by Danny Meyer and more like one done by Ian MacKaye and John Belushi's Olympia diner guy. Everything is vegetarian or vegan but not in a crunchy Moosewood sort of way. They've got a burger, a wrap, sloppy joes, and various side salads. The burger is the best veggie burger I've ever had--that first bite took me back to sitting outside LAX, jet fumes in the air, tearing into an In-N-Out burger. It had that balance between patty, cheese, sauce, and toppings. It used its iceberg lettuce not as a throwaway, but as an integral textural component. It was incredible. The wrap was also insanely good--it's everything you expect from a vegan wrap, but, you know, actually delicious. I sadly didn't get a chance to try the sloppy joe. The two sides I tried (burnt broccoli salad and crispy potatoes) were both more complex and nuanced than they had any right to be. They could be at home at a Jose Andres restaurant. I suspect most of the sides are equally amazing. The burger, wrap, and two sides ran about $25. Like Hamilton, Superiority Burger lives up to the hype. And thank goodness because it's about the only place I can afford after getting those tickets.
  2. A little tip for those in Clarendon: the drip coffee at Northside is good, but South Block (11th & Garfield) has the best. As far as I know, they don't have any espresso or coffee drinks (it's mostly a smoothie/wrap place), and there's little room to sit, but it's much faster than waiting in line at Northside. I don't recall where they get their beans.
  3. Next time you find yourself near Suitland and you're wanting some good seafood at very reasonable prices, go find Food for Life Cuisine on Suitland Road. I've made two visits and I'm amazed at the amount of food you get for the price. Oh, and it's good, too. Today I'm enjoying the whiting nuggets (about 8-9 large nuggets for $6.00) and hushbabies (10 large puppies for $3.50; not sure why they're called "babies"). Good hushpuppies can be hard to find around here, but I found some! Looks like they mainly have whiting, tilapia, and salmon. They also have some chicken items and burgers, southern style sides, desserts, and carrot fries (which I have yet to try). You get two sauces with your order, which I believe are made in-house. I'd post a link to their website, but for some odd reason I'm having trouble pasting here. You can copy and paste this: fflcuisineonline.com.
  4. By Missy Frederick Triple B Fresh had its soft opening in Dupont Circle recently. The restaurant serves up Korean fare like bibimbap. [Facebook] … more » Source: Eater DC
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