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Found 13 results

  1. If you are in Frederick, Howard, AA Co. keep an eye out for Mike's Gelato. Mike runs a food truck with his gelatos, and they are fantastic. He came to our neighborhood one night and now we are hooked... our favorites are pistachio, hazelnut, lemon raspberry crunch, and chocolate. https://my-site-108372-109500.square.site/ He posts his locations on fb and instagram. He also does delivery, but we haven't tried that. He is doing scoops again, but we have just been bringing home pints at $10 each. This is our affordable indulgence of this stay at home time. HIGHLY recommend. Pro-tip: If you are more than 15 min away, bring a cold pack to bring it home. Though they refreeze really well.
  2. Here I am again, looking for food that I have bought in the past, but can't find any more. Fresh Fields used to have a baked lemon ricotta. It was lightly sweet, and quite tasty. They no longer have it, and don't know when it will be back. Trader Joe's apparently carries it at Christmas. But I want it now. Bower's doesn't have it. Yes! doesn't have it. Cork is attempting to find it for me. I have not yet been to Wegman's. Need to make time to get to the burbs. Anyone familiar with this and know where I can find it, or how I can make it? I have found it online, but really prefer to purchase locally. Thanks!
  3. Need to get the "best" cheesecake possible in DC...for a birthday and end of diet celebration. Trying to look beyond the factory of cheesecakes. Could also have it shipped.... any ideas?
  4. A lot of folks around here go out to HH on a whim, I tend to bake on a whim... I recently tried out the Apricot Walnut Bars from the April issue of Gourmet. Quick and easy, just make sure to bake them long enough. I underbaked mine a bit (I wanted to sit down to dinner) and they suffered for it. Yesterday, I made of a batch of Pate a Choux from an interesting recipe I ran across few months ago. The recipe includes a bit of sweetened, condensed milk and makes the tastiest puffs I've ever eaten. Not sure if the difference is noticable once they are filled, but they are quite irresistible straight from the oven. To stuff the puffs, I made two batches of coconut filling. One batch was made as written from the recipe JoeH posted in the "Coconut Cake" thread and the other batch made using unsweetened, dried coconut instead of fresh coconut. As much as I wish it did not make a difference (cleaning fresh coconut is a pain), the filling made with fresh coconut was considerably superior to the one with the dried coconut. And I am still on a quest for the perfect yellow cake. I had been following a thread on eG where they were looking for one, but it has fizzled out and I am not satisfied with any of the recipes posted. However, I have two new recipes to test and plan to make at least one of them this afternoon. What are you all baking these days? --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Grilled Peaches (xochitl10) Páte Brisée (ktmoomau)]
  5. Hey now, Pain Perdu is made with stale bread. Okay, in theory, it's made with stale bread.
  6. What do people think of Talenti gelati and sorbets? The first time I ever tried them, I thought they were about as good as any premium brand of ice-cream product on the market, and I *still* think they are, but has anyone noticed that they've become ubiquitous, and that you can even find them at Rite Aid? I suspect the reason for the massive increase in distribution is that the company (which was founded in 2003) was acquired by Unilever, the world's third-largest consumer goods company, with $60 billion in annual revenue, in Dec, 2014. Although Talenti is a subsidiary, they're still accountable - literally accountable - to Unilever, and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed a change (I'm not convinced I have, except for the increase in distribution; although I did just recently notice that they're going out of their way to explain why they're using dextrose). My guess is that if they're left alone, they can maintain a high level of quality, but if they're micro-managed, the product will go the way of Häagen-Dazs (General Mills) and Ben & Jerry's (also a subsidiary of Unilever, which, to me, foreshadows The End of Talenti in the next 5-10 years). If you haven't noticed a precipitous drop in quality in Ben & Jerry's over the past fifteen years, then you're not my target audience. Cheers, Rocks
  7. Might be your big chance to go lean on a dairy farmer to make exactly what you want. Rocky Point Creamery (4323 Tuscarora Rd, Point of Rocks MD) is about a month away from opening, and owner Chuck Fry means to make pretty much everything ice cream-esque to sell either at the counter or through the drive-through window. A fourth-generation dairy farmer, Fry's milk comes from his herd of Holsteins on the adjacent farm, so freshness won't be an issue. He's got a soft-serve machine in, and also plans to make hard ice cream with up to 14% butterfat. His recipe is Philadelphia-style (aka not custard), and that's about all I had time to ask about today when I stuck my nose in the front door.
  8. I walked up to Pie Sisters yesterday to check it out. The store is located on M Street in Georgetown right before 35th Street, across from the Key Bridge. The shop is really cute, a few tables with flowers on each one and an L shaped case holding cuppies (muffin-sized pies) and full-sized pies. Erin, one of the sisters, was very helpful about explaining the savory pies to me. She told me that their full-sized chicken pot pie (which also comes cuppy-size) can be ordered by phone ahead of time for dinner and when you bring back the glass pie plate you receive $5 back. It looked really good but I opted for 3 coconut custard cuppies and 1 cherry cuppy to take home to my husband and daughter. Now I am not a huge fan of sweets so I didn't try any last night, although my daughter did and she said it was really really good. But this morning I was hungry so I ate the coconut cream cuppy for breakfast and, oh yeah, it's really really good. The crust was incredible - flaky, browned to a pretty tan color. The custard was amazing, not too sweet, with flecks of coconut and it was topped with fresh whipped cream and a pretty pie pastry leaf on top. I just realized it probably would have tasted even better yesterday, if that is even possible. I've been dreaming about it all day. Goodbye cupcake --Hello cuppy.
  9. Tonight while I was waiting ... and waiting ... for my lamb kabob at Mount of Lebanon (which is now owned and run by the son; the Warrenton operation and Halal slaughterhouse is owned and run by the father), I had plenty of time to browse and shop (why do so many middle-eastern restaurants not begin fixing your order until you arrive? I get so frustrated with this). Well, anyway, I bought a Ziyad Brand 12-ounce plastic tub of Jordan Almonds, and noticed, once again, that lot of these products have a very similar taste and texture. Are there any that stand out as clearly superior to their competition? I like them, and they're addicting to snack on (my lamb kabob is still sitting downstairs, to be eaten for lunch tomorrow), but I can't help feeling they could be better still - maybe slightly less sweet, and with a touch more salt would put them in better balance. Anyway, does anyone have any strong feelings about Jordan Almonds? This Ziyad Brand is certainly respectable, but I can't help wondering if it could be better.
  10. Southern Tier's Creme Brulee is a beer that's come up a few times in discussions of other beers. Some have used it as an example of a beer that's too sweet, while others point to it as a good example of untraditional flavors really making for a unique and delightful drinking experience. After the first quarter of this glass, I still can't decide which way I lean. This beer pours a pitch black with very minimal foam. After a few seconds in the glass a brown head, almost crema, forms on top of the beer. My initial reaction is that the aroma is much sweeter than the accompanying flavor, and I could see someone taking a whiff and being immediately turned off by this beer. The first few sips were heavy on the vanilla, which is not a bad thing. As I drank my way down the glass, the vanilla and sweetness kind of coated my mouth and it became less a beer and more a dessert drink. I really feel like I'm drinking some kind of espresso beverage from Starbucks, instead of beer. It's becoming more cloying and coating the more I drink. I'm about halfway through the glass, and while I'll finish it, I can't really recommend this for beer lovers. If however, you want something sweet with about a 10% ABV after dinner, this would hit the spot. A local Richmond brewery, Center of the Universe, makes a Lebowski-influenced White Russian Stout named El Duderino that I'd say is a better version of what Southern Tier is trying to do with this. That takes the milk and vanilla and combines them with the beer flavors. This on the other hand is more of a milkshake that has some beer poured into it. It probably sounds like I'm not enjoying this, but the funny thing is I am. It's just not beer. Back around the turn of the millennium, I'd hangout at the Brickskeller and I'd end my night ordering Dixie Brewing's long forgotten White Moose, which was a white chocolate flavored beer. As you can see from the BeerAdvocate posting, it was not a hit. But it holds a soft spot for 21 year old me, and I'm pretty sure I drank every bottle in the Skellar's stock. If I had to compare the Creme Brulee to anything else I've had, it would be the White Moose. So while I can't recommend, I won't blame you if you go for a bottle after dinner while there's still snow on the ground. Creme Brulee comes in 22 oz bombers and should be around $8. I'm really curious to hear others' thoughts on this one.
  11. Okay, quick turnaround - friend is in town for a conference, and the only time she has to meet up is tonight after about 8:30 PM, so she suggested drinks/dessert. She is staying at the Marriott on 22nd Street (West End area), but she will be coming directly from the Corcoran, and we will be coming from and going back to NoMa, so red line access is a plus (but we could walk a bit to get to Metro). I was going to suggest the bar at Vidalia - who doesn't love a glass of wine and a piece of chess pie? - but they appear to close at 9:30 PM, so I feel like that is cutting it a bit close. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think we'll be needing a place that is open till midnight, but we certainly don't want to feel rushed. Thanks!
  12. Slated to open April 1, Capital City Cheesecake will be operating out of the old Savory space on Carroll Ave. in Takoma Park, MD. This is great news for Takoma Park and word on the street is that their cheesecake is exceptional! http://www.capitalcitycheesecakes.com/
  13. There's never really been much in Sterling Park to comment upon, but Sweet Tooth Ice Cream is definitely worth a mention. It opened back at the end of May, in a corner space of the Sterling Plaza shopping center, roughly between CVS and the Big Lots/former Safeway. The ice cream's good, and they offer some flavors you don't see everywhere - tamarindo, maracuya (passionfruit), lucama (which is apparently a Peruvian fruit), mango, papaya, cantaloupe, pineapple, and coconut, along with more usual flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip. We haven't actually tried the pastries yet, but they look and smell great; there's homemade baklava along with a pan of interesting custardy stuff. The pastries are made by the owner's wife, and every time we've been in one or more of the kids have been behind the counter. They're awfully nice folks, and I'd like to see them do well (out of vested ice-cream-close-to-the-house self interest as well as wanting to support the local small businesses). The shop is located at 410 S. Sterling Blvd. - it's not visible from the road, but there are a number of signs up at the entrance to the shopping center pointing the way.
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