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  1. Hello Everyone, I would like to have a forum where someone could post an idea for a small format cooking class in their home. By cooking class- I mean someone has an idea of something they would like to learn how to make and are willing to do some trial and error with people to help in that process; or someone is good at something and wouldn't mind showing other people how to do it; or a combination of the two. I really learn better when I am interacting in a class and not just watching YouTube or etc, and making the item helps me build my confidence that I can do it on my own. I often
  2. Would anyone be interested in meeting up at Xi'an Gourmet in Rockville to explore the menu? http://www.xiangourmetmd.com/menu.aspx I'd prefer a weekend because this is a bit of a drive for me in weeknight traffic, but could maybe do a weeknight if it were a bit on the later side. This coming weekend (March 9-10) is totally open for me, but after that I have a moderate preference for Sunday evenings.
  3. Please see the post here. If anyone wants to use the picnic as a springboard to prime this pump, please do.
  4. The location is set. True to his word, everyone take a moment to thank @DonRocks. The picnic is set for July 29 at Carderock Picnic Pavillion. I have not had the joy of attending any of the past picnics, but as the lead in this, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME being at this one. The only "price" of admission is that you are a registered member of the forum. WIN WIN, I say. I can only imagine the deliciousness everyone will be bringing to this event. I am actually looking forward to seeing some old friends, and walking away with new ones. C' 'mon we are a fun bunch, with gobs of insight on everything ran
  5. You're still on top, Jeff. Would anyone like to congregate next Wednesday, Jul 19? Say 5 PM for an opening gambit? Let's try and get ten people here for this. Jeff, text me if you want to talk.
  6. Anybody up for a picnic? Traditionally the Don Rockwell Picnics are held at Fort Hunt Park, on a Sunday, at site C-2, typically noonish to late afternoon. People come and go. The event is a pot luck. Some people cook, some people buy food, some bring drinks, some bring serving stuff. Low key. Alcohol is allowed. So are pets. Children warmly encouraged. Games may be played. Of course it won't feel like a picnic without Zora. At any rate, I am up for reserving the spot. Please indicate willingness, and suggest dates. Last time I arbitrarily picked a date but usually we have a vot
  7. First of all, do not forget lovehockey's Capitol tour on Sat, May 16 at 11 AM. Once again, we're going to close off Amoo's, either on June 7 or June 28. This will be BYOB like before - this thread is a poll to vote on a date. People are more than welcome to bring their families and friends.
  8. Thanks to Ilaine, we have site C-2 reserved for September 28, 2014. Let's make this the best gosh darned picnic we've ever had!
  9. We're going to be having a dr.com dinner at Amoo's which, like last time, will be BYOB - we'll take over the entire restaurant, and have it all to ourselves. There will be no charge for bringing your own alcohol, but please remember that the staff must wash the stemware. They're also working on an evening they may normally have off, so please tip them generously. The tips are not going to Sebastian; they're going to the waitstaff. It would also be wonderful if people could bring their own stemware, corkscrews, etc., just like they're going to a wine tasting at someone's house. Bring plenty o
  10. We currently have a reservation for September 28th. However, two people have chimed in and said they'd like to come, but can't make it on the 28th. This is to give them, and everyone, a fair chance. This poll will be open for four, and only four, days. I tweeted about it here, and I ask that everyone who sees this retweets my tweet so it gets around as quickly as possible. I want the date set in stone so we can start planning the actual event. Please vote on all dates that you WILL (not can, but WILL) attend. Thanks! Let's rock this picnic out. (Thank you to Ilaine for the work she has
  11. NOTE: DO NOT LOOK AT THE POLL RESULTS WITHOUT VOTING FIRST; OTHERWISE, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO VOTE. ------ Ok Folks, so Don and I been having some talks about doing an event exclusively for DR's members at Amoo's!! And ill think of a cool menu to put together for that evening and I promise it'll be pocket friendly as this is more designed to show all of you guys who have supported my family's business over the years, some love!! Here are the dates that I have available for you foodies, Sunday March 15, 2014 Sunday March 22, 2014 Sunday March 29, 2014 let us know what works for you guy
  12. I've never had Sri Lankan food. Anyone interested in getting together to try various dishes at Shakthi? It's at 3807 Mount Vernon Ave in Alexandria. Thread here, website here. Post here if you're interested and what days would work for you. Possible days are sometime next week though that's kind of soon (week of Nov. 18) or the weeks after Thanksgiving (week of Dec. 2 or Dec. 9).
  13. Folks, every once in awhile, a request comes in that's so important that I drop everything else I'm doing, and put 100% of my energies into it. This is one of those times. Eric Reid, Chef of Del Ray Pizzeria, formerly Chef of Del Merei Grille, has made the request, and we must rally for him. Eric employs two dishwashers, Enma Gomez, and her son, Elder Gomez. Last week, Enma's daughter, and Elder's sister, Claudia, was murdered in cold blood in her home in Honduras. She had four children, ages 4 through 14, who are now motherless. After the funeral, the children came up to be with their fathe
  14. I just got this message: What more can anyone ask for than a long-cooked, Bangladeshi river fish with rice for our first picnic dish?
  15. On Wednesday, July 17th, we'll be meeting to enjoy Lemon Sours, Beer, and Sake at Izakaya Seki. There's really no particular reason for this happy hour, other than that we'll be saying goodbye to our beloved KMango! who is moving to Dallas-Fortworth with her husband, and therefore we'll be paying tribute to one of the greatest members we've ever had! (She asked me not to make a big deal out of this, and to keep it low key, so I am going to honor her request and nix the marching band. Of course, this won't be "goodbye forever," since she'll be running our Dallas Farmers Market forum once she
  16. Redwood is pleased to announce an exclusive, ticketed event in its bar and lounge on Tuesday, March 12 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Twenty wines will be available to sample from wineries such as Tangent, Indaba, Suavia, Terredora di Paolo, Familia Zuccardi and more. This event is in celebration of Chef Antonio Burrell’s new bar menu and Redwood’s newest promotions—half-price wines by the glass on Sundays and Mondays, a new and improved happy hour Monday through Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and live music by Taylor Carson every Tuesday evening. Your $20 ticket gives you access to t
  17. This is totally exploratory, but if you'd like to learn something about Korean food, this could be the closest you can get to Korea without travel and airport security and the TSA massage. To Sok Jip is a VERY small restaurant in Annandale. It seats about 30 people. It's always busy (trust me on this, everybody waits unless you are there 10 minutes before they open). There's a good reason for this and it comes out of the kitchen. This is some of the most authentic Korean food in the DC metro area. Now the interesting part. We would like to take no more than 8 people to To Sok Jip for d
  18. Guys, Ted Xenochristos has offered a tour of Cava's production facilities, including how they make their dips, braise their meats, etc. Who's interested? I want to learn how to make KRAFT aka KRAzy FeTa. Ted, Dmitri, Brett, et al, have long been supporters of this community whether you guys know it or not - let's repay them for their friendship by showing them some love. This is a can't-miss big-time product, and it seems like one that's done right.
  19. I love this community. One of our members has offered to give an exclusive tour of the Capitol for donrockwell.com members, Saturday, February 9th, at 11 AM. The tour will be geeky, comprehensive, and will take approximately 2 hours. Here is the initial post (please read carefully about the restrictions): And the follow-up: I could tweet this, and it would sell out tonight. But I'm not going to because I want it to be limited to our loyal members. Just chime in here, and your spot will be reserved. Yes, well-behaved children are welcome, but keep in mind it's a two-hour tour. (Gilligan
  20. One of my favorite dining experiences was our first Quartiere dinner in Montalcino. The Quartieri are the neighborhood charitable organization that make Italian life so unique. We came to Montalcino at end of season and noticed several posters advertising various dinners for each of the four quartiere. Due to previous commitments the only one that fit our schedule was that of Quartiere Travaglio {the workers quarter}. We arrived at their Cena Di Bolliti {Bolliti refers to the meal: a boiled dinner, and to "bolliti" or hot under the collar" referring to the anger of the poor in a wealthy t
  21. Chef Jeff Heineman announced HERE what must be about the most ridiculously priced donrockwell.com special meal to come along in years. A four-course, mushroom-themed, tasting menu with LAMB CHOP and POMPANO, and FULL WINE PAIRINGS for the insane price of $30. Thirty Dollars! That's $7.50 a course will full wine pairings! For the click-challenged, here are Jeff's details, copied from his announcement. It's this Friday and Saturday night only, and you must call for reservations, and request the "donrockwell.com special." Note that if there is interest, but only if there is interest, he will be
  22. dr.com Vegetarian Dinner at Dino Thursday, September 13th, 7 PM $35, $19 Optional Cocktail Pairings Tomato trio - Couscous panzanella ~ tasting of heirloom tomatoes w/Dino's Silk Road Spice Rub ~ Tomato soup Canelloni w/ greens ~ Risotto with Summer veggies Stuffed veggies w/farro & lentil stuffings & lots of cheese Mini Eggplant Parmigiana Baked peach & roasted plums, black peppercorn & vanilla gelato --- Optional $19 per person: Bellini w/ local fruit essence 3 mini cocfktails House infused cello featuring all hou
  23. I would be interested in a $20 Tuesday...just not next Tuesday (5th) or the one after that (12th).
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