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Que Rico, Owings Mills - Closed?

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I thought that I'd found better chicken than Que Rico when I recently went to Chicken on the Run in Bethesda.

I was wrong.

OK I was led astray. My wife and I decided, on the spur of the moment on the way back from York, PA, to swing a little wide and hit up Que Rico.


I thought it had been unseated by Chicken on the Run in Bethesda, but I was mistaken. Just ask my wife.

The chicken doesn't have the charcoal element to it that Chicken on the Run did, but they managed to keep the chicken super moist, super big, and the way they handle the seasoning, my gosh it's nirvana. Add to that some excellent fries, super 'light' sauce, and very good 'green' (hot) sauce and even some decent cole slay (other sides are now rice, a salad, macaroni salad, and some beans side) and you're all set.

The prices have gone up a bit though, just FYI.

Go here. Now. More historical comments on my thoughts on this place can be found here.

By the by, the location I went to is on Reisterstown Road. It is actually the original of the two locations. The couple that own the two places are nicer than nice and I think they vaguely recognized me even though I have not been there in months since switching offices and then jobs....

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