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"Go To" Drinks at Home


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(ol_i, move if this should be elsewhere)

So those of you who have seen the Bar From Hell recently know that I've got a few open bottles. And I do get a reasonable sample allowance from Ledroit. And I really like vermouth. Really like.

So I have, shall we say, options when it comes to home drink-making. But I have found myself in the most delicious of ruts these days. It seems, all I make at home are:

(1) The 'ti-punch. Yeah, OK, it's with the stuff I sell. But man, hot day, cold day, stressed day, loose day, it just hits the spot.

(2) The old-fashioned. No muddling. Base (whiskey, brandy, gin), sugar (simple, Depaz, or agave nectar), bitters (I have a few). I usually forget the garnish until about halfway through the drink. For whatever reason, though, this drink tends to express the base spirit through the ice better than the spirit on rocks by itself.

I would say that over 90% of the drinks I make at home are one of these two these days (with the odd Martini, Martinez, or Sazerac tossed in). So, what's your go-to poison?

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'Ti-punch is just a quarter-sized piece from the side of a lime (with just a little bit of flesh), a dab of cane syrup (we sell one; watch out for really dark cane syrup--use honey syrup in a pinch), and rhum agricole. Ice is not traditional but makes the drink more complex and drinkable.

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