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UNIX/PERL/SQL Programmer - Restaurant Control Software


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[Posting this on behalf of a friend; please respond directly to the contact at the bottom of the listing.

This is not an entry-level position; a deep appreciation of robust and secure design is desired. - Dave ]

Job Title: Programmer

Cello Software is seeking one or more highly skilled developers

to help them with a start up software project to help

revolutionize the running and management of high end

restaurants. We are looking for talented individuals that can

think on their feet and can help us solve the challenges of an

evolving startup. The project is written in PERL and

JavaScript against a SQL database, but we will take a talented

developer over language experience. Cello already has

commitments for the software so we are truly in the delivery

aspect of the project.

Major Responsibilities:

Development of code to implement restaurant control software.

Use of source code revision control system to track ongoing

software changes. Debugging of code as bugs are filed. Use of

bug tracking software. Weekly bug triage/status meetings.

Software release cycle planning.

Required Skills and Proficiencies:

Perl, SQL, JavaScript, HTML+CSS, Web Site UI design +

implementation, excellent written communication, 'C' language

experience desirable. Basic understanding of 'AJAX' UI and

database updates.

Operating Environment:

UNIX (Solaris 10 + FreeBSD), source code revision control

systems in place.


Cello Software, LLC

2941 Fairview Park Drive

Falls Church, Virginia


Resumes to Kara.Diaz@fairview-park.com

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