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Sweet Mango, Caribbean, West Indies Fare Served in a Shack in Petworth - Closed

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If you spend any time just watching the door of Sweet Mango, there's a constant stream of humanity continually passing through: school kids, EMT workers, policemen, construction workers, loiterers, parents- pretty much the entire neighborhood of Petworth, it seems. Most of them are getting takeout, though there is a nice roof area upstairs. The smoker starts up early in the morning, blowing the sweet smell of jerk chicken over the streets at a constant rate. The jerk doesn't have a searing heat, but it does have a really nice complex flavour.

They don't only have jerk chicken, of course; there is brown stew, and curry chicken, and oxtail and goat sometimes. The beef and chicken patties aren't made on site, but they're darn tasty. The meals come with a huge portion of rice and beans, with cabbage and veggies on one side. It's incredibly filling food, and amazingly affordable.

Oh, and for people looking for an interesting variety of root drinks, they have those- some home-made, some not, and other things like sea moss.

Nick and I went and stuffed ourselves silly last night.

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