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An email from Cowgirl Creamery yesterday:

Cheese finally gets its due! This December brings the launch of the first ever national magazine about cheese. Season by season, Culture magazine captures new offerings and traditional pleasures, interviews cheesemakers about their craft, and explores the farms and animals at the heart of cheese. Culture unearths the notable and obscure, from bloomy rinds and hard aged to salt content and chevre. Also, in every issue, there are recipes, chef's favorites and how they use them, great wines and beers for pairings, useful and beautiful cheese gear, and all done by world experts and journalists, insiders and taste leaders, Culture captures the joy of a food at once basic yet complex.

SPECIAL Cowgirl Creamery Offer

Culture, cheese: farms, flavors, people The ONLY consumer magazine about cheese. Premiering DECEMBER 1, 2008

Special 25% off deal


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The first issue is off the presses and appearing in cheese shops, book stores and mailboxes around Dec. 1

Here is the PDF link to an article on Winnimere cheese and Jasper Hill Farms. I've not seen anything from the first issue other than this pdf.


Feedback is encouraged by Managing Editor Tony Bogar, who also is associated with Australia's Yalumba Winery.

I quote my comments here:

"I appreciated the article on Winnimere and Jasper Hill Farms, though it could be longer and more deliciously detailed. Jasper Hill Farms and their remarkable cheeses are of great interest to cheese lovers everywhere.

The photography is enjoyable though the centerfold features an overly sun-kissed Winnimere. I am sure Winni is more spoon-ably delightful than revealed in this crude photo. A better pic would be much more seductive; isn’t that what a centerfold aspires to be? Call Hef for tips. It is further marred by the ridiculous sidebar ‘We’re talkin’ cheese: UP CLOSE with Winnimere. Ooze the desirable details and tantalize us sans the silly first-person format. What is it with the anthropomorphic cheese stuff? This gibberish is not worthy of a mature and sexy cheese. I wish the author had kept the babble to herself.

Also, where is the Andy Kehler, the second brother? The article headline is about two brothers, yet we only get to see a photograph of Mateo.

Truly, I am more enthusiastic for Culture than this… might indicate. It isn’t worth my time to be critical if I don’t see hope. Bring on the cheese!"

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