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I ain't askin no one for nuttin.

Except this website is every bit as dependent on its members as NPR, WETA, or perhaps more accurately, Wikipedia.

Like Wikipedia, this is a free source of information available to the general public, but that information needs to come from our members. So instead of asking everyone for twenty bucks, I'm asking everyone to contribute more content.

You know how when you donate $10 to a worthy cause, they begin sending you junk mail? For about two years, they spend about $50 worth of postage sending you letters that say, "You donated $10 before, how about $10 more? Or $20? Or $30?" And they give you those three boxes to check.

Okay, here's dr.com's version of that:

* If you've only lurked, how about becoming a member? It's free, easy, PRIVATE, and takes about two minutes. Click here to become a member.

* If you've joined, but never posted, how about posting once? Once you do, you can click here for your free membership card.

* If you've posted before, how about posting more often?

* And if you post all the time, how about harnessing some of that energy and encouraging your friends to sign up? :lol:

* Chefs, managers, and owners, you can pitch in by keeping us abreast of what's going on at your establishments. I'm sometimes asked what the appropriate guidelines are for this type of thing. In general, posting once or twice a month about your restaurant is both welcome and encouraged - readers here want to know what you're up to! (Full disclosure is requested and appreciated, please.)

I'm toying with idea of Google ads, but they won't appear if you're signed in as a member.

These are hard times in the restaurant world - I know of a perfectly decent restaurant that had ZERO reservations last night. People are staying home, and many restaurants are feeling the pinch.

But this website will stay the course.



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