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Dean suggested this place during dim sum a few weeks back and commented that the Thai food served at the take out counters was comparable (in quality) to Nava Thai. It's located in the same strip mall as Max's, Full Kee, and Pho Hiep Hoa on University Ave, just east of Georgia. I decided to check it out and picked up six different dishes. There wasn't a menu and it boiled down to me just pointing at different things that looked good. After eating, I think I've sussed out the different dishes.

- pumpkin in red curry with beef

- spicy pork with mixed vegetables

- bitter melon with spare ribs

- mixed vegetables in red curry with chicken

- fried whole fish

- fried salted fish steaks

The first four were from the take out counter, while the latter two were from the "deli" counter. My guess is that these fish are pre-fried for later cooking (thus eliminating not only the need to fry the fish yourself, but to ensure your house doesn't stink for the next few days). I ordered them just to try and wouldn't recommend anyone do so to eat on their own.

The dishes from the take out counter struck me as being "home cooking" as opposed to the more familiar variety of Thai food that you get in most restaurants. As such, I had no reference point to judge the quality. All I know is that, for $7, you can get two dishes with rice and be completely satisfied. A perfect place to go to when you want fast Thai food. The heat level wasn't too high (I was able to eat everything, including the fresh chilis) but everything had a wonderful flavor. I'm sure the dishes that are offered change from day to day, so more research is required (oh, darn!!). It really struck me as simple food, done well.

ps....Dean - please correct me if I mispresented your stance on this place.

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The dishes from the take out counter struck me as being "home cooking" as opposed to the more familiar variety of Thai food that you get in most restaurants.

I think of this place as the Thai equivalent of a Taco Truck in Socal, not home cooking. The food is designed to get better as it sits and soaks in its own juices and there is an urgency that is unlike the equally appealing urgency of Nava Thai vs, say Bangkok 54 or Thai Square which are restaurant experiences. I have had things range from hot to make my eyes shake, with the latter occuring when I get three hot dishes together and the hots ahve an additive effect. When I order three hot dishes and the heat is all from red chili, its not too bad. But say one is a sour green curry, one a dish with lots of red chilis and the third has the roasted dark red curry paste and it termed hot, then watch out. I think I have eaten there now 6 times, twice with Kay and we ahven't spend $100 all together yet!

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