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ri 1 ("Rye One") Whiskey

Joe Riley

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This is rather exciting to me, a new 92-proof rye whiskey:

From Malt advocate publisher and editor, John Hansell:

..I just had a taste. I like it. It’s crisp and vibrantly spicy, but with a rich, silky, sweetness that marries very well with the rye. It is exactly what I think it was designed to be: a mature enough rye whiskey that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but with plenty of youth and vitality to zing in a cocktail.

(Incidentally, in case you are wondering, I tried it next to a couple of the other “entry level” straight rye whiskeys to make sure this isn’t all just fancy packaging, and it is indeed a superior product. No, it’s not one of those ultra-aged rye whiskeys on the market, but it wasn’t meant to be either.)

It does have a really cool looking bottle, though:


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So what's the difference between this and the Jim Beam Rye whiskey already available, other than proof? jst curious.

Age and barrel selection. It's also from a warehouse which tends to produce suppler whiskey with some extra age.

I'm not surprised that there is no age statement on the bottle, because that would back them into a corner, whereas this way they get to blend as they please.

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