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Went to Lemongrass last night for a friend's birthday. I loved the atmosphere, and the servers were super nice, especially given the enormous number of people in our group. She actually seemed like she was having a good time with us.

Sadly the green papaya salad I tasted was overloaded with way too many peanuts, and the crispy roasted duck salad I had was really salty and loaded with low-value veg - iceberg lettuce, red onions, celery and cucumber. It could have been slightly better if they had put in some cilantro. It didn't help that it tasted like the veggies had a bath in ginger. I was in serious need of a breath mint after that one. The duck was fried in a batter that made it seem almost duck-less. I had to eat some rice to temper the overly strong salad. The other food did look good though, and maybe it was a bit better.

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