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Mantis, Tapas Lounge in Adams Morgan - Exterminated.

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Carried over from another thread...

Sometimes I wonder why I don't go to Mantis more. It is sooooo close to my apartment and the food is great.

More on the food: Very tasty. Little bites of catfish, or Kobe, or really yummy slippery noodles, or some awesome dessert that I can't remember but I know it was fantastic, the waiter recommended it, and there were almonds. Definitely almonds. "Asian-inspired tapas" is the theme but it's a more wide-ranging than the theme might suggest.

The vibe changes over the course of the evening. If you hit it early it is cool and quiet and like your own private bar. But if you get there at 9? You won't find a seat.

Mostly it's a cross between lounge-y (acrylic chairs!) and basement-y (concrete floors!) and I hear they have a DJ spinning downstairs on weekends, but I've never been down there.

So why don't I go to Mantis more?

I guess I feel like even though the prices for individual plates are low, I always end up looking at the bill at the end of the night and wondering how I spent so much. May be better for noshing and sipping with pals rather than trying to actually make a meal out of the offerings.


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I like Mantis too, I live in the neighborhood.

I met the owner or manager named Ben a few times. The place is quite simply run, the food is not complex, but delicious. Yes there is a DJ downstairs always, but is a younger crowd I warn you (those who don't prefer Hip Hop/Techno). Always crowded but posh enough, kind of like Left Bank but less Euro-Trash.

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