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Miso Soup

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Kotobuki has a good, not life-changing, miso with clams.

Great question. First, I should note that I think it is the best in the area, but it seems that miso soup is not the strong suit of most Japanese sushi restaurants in these parts. That is unfortunate, because it can be such a lovely soup. Why I think that Kaz has some of the best is that the soup tastes like it is made from scratch, I can pick-up the subtle flavor of the dashi and it balances well with the miso.

Thank you for the tip on Chopsticks, I will give it a shot. What I would really love to find is someone in the area that makes a miso with seafood. My favorite miso was at a small shop in Kagurazaka that cooked the soup with snow crab legs and delivered the bowls with two very large appendages sticking out of them or at the food-centric Ryokan, Fukiya where breakfast started with a miso soup made with clam broth and baby clams throughout the soup. But absent a similar soup, I will be happy with the simple goodness available at Kaz.

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