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Pho Bistro, Centreville and Ashburn

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Pho Bistro in Centreville (by the 28/29 intersection) serves up one of the best pho offerings in the DC area. Huge portions, high quality ingredients and super fast service makes it a great stop for an under $10 meal. The menu also has a number of other offering, the summer rolls being another fine offering. Always packed the owners are now expanding into the defunct restaurant next door. Their lean brisket pho is not to be missed on a crisp fall day... expect a wait for lunch and dinner...

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In terms of the Ashburn area, Pho Bistro ain't bad. My coworkers and I went there on a regular basis.

It's very good for the neophyte pho eater - the wait staff was always very nice and helpful and I found the pho to be, well, fine.

It's not jump up and down great, and it doesn't match Pho 75 here in Rosslyn by a long shot.

But it's friendly and close to my office and one of the kind of places I can eat at on a regular basis when I'm working in Ashburn. I couldn't recommend the drive to get there, but at least a couple of my coworkers regularly get their take-home portions for dinner.

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Went to the Centreville location today for lunch and it was OK, the bowl ($7.25) does not have that much more meat. The iced coffee ($3.50) comes premade and tastes a bit light. I would not swear to it, but it sure tasted like there was sugar added on top of just the condensed milk. The spring rolls are small and mushy inside. For my Pho business in this area I am going to head to Pho 98 off of Rt. 50, it is much better.

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