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Naan & Kabob, Afghan Food Cart at Ballston Metro - Closed.

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I'd originally gone to Pupatella today, but they were nowhere to be seen. On an adjacent corner of the square was a brand-new, shiny, white cart with green letters - Naan & Kabob.

The setup is fairly simple: pre-marinated meats cooked to order on a gas grill, pre-baked homemade naan wrapped in cloth, and metal trays full of basmati rice. Farzana takes the order, and Feroz grills the meats.

There are three to choose from - lamb ($8.99), chicken ($7.99), and kobeeda ($7.99), or you can opt for a combination of lamb and chicken ($11.99) like I did. Farzana asked me if I wanted the lamb cooked medium or well-done, so the choice is there. The only other menu items are hummos ($2.50) and baklava ($1.50).

The meats are nearly as good as you'd get over charcoal, and the rice in particular stands out from the norm. Afghan naan tends to dry quickly, and this suffers a bit from being transported, but it's good, honest bread, and the plastic container of green sauce is good when it's dumped all over the whole thing. A small side salad has decent greens, but bottled-tasting ranch dressing.

What a wonderful little surprise Naan & Kabob is - remember that its main competitors are Cosi and Ruby Tuesday.

And what's the deal with young couples with movie-star good looks opening up food carts in Ballston?!



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