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Went to a nice event at Willow Restaurant last night, click, put on by Women Chefs & Restaurateurs. The event provided the opportunity to meet the area's top "women of food" and sample hors d'oeuvres that they provided. All in all a fun way to spend the night with some friends and chat with the various chefs about their work.

The "Women of Food" that were at the event.

Beverly Bates -- ici Urban Bistro at Sofitel

Barbara Black -- The various Black's restaurants

Laurie Bell -- Great Falls Tea Garden

Amy Brandwein -- Fyve

Jacqueline Castaldo -- Black Market Bistro

Heather Chittum -- Hook

Alison Christ -- Willow Restaurant

Mary Watson-DeLauder -- Lansdowne Resort

Ruth Gresser -- Pizzeria Paradiso

Kate Jansen -- Willow Restaurant

Ris Lacoste -- ris, Rock Creek

Jamie Leeds -- CommonWealth Gastropub, Hank's Oyster Bar

Janis McLean -- 15 ria

Bonnie Moore -- L'Academie de Cuisine

Tracy O'Grady -- Willow Restaurant

Melanie Parker -- Equinox

Odessa Piper

Nora Pouillon -- Restaurant Nora

Quanta Robinson -- BlackSalt Fish Market and Restaurant

Susuan Soorenko -- Moorenko's Ice Cream Cafe

Aimee Suyehiro -- Agria's

Laurie Alleman Weber -- The Swiss Bakery and Pastry Shop

Ann Harvey Yonkers -- FRESHFARM Markets

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