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Chef Theo's, Greek-American Cafe in White Oak Shopping Center, Silver Spring - Closed

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This is a Greek restaurant where you can get Italian and American food. The people there are very friendly and try to make you comfortable. There is a small salad bar and nightly specials. Gyro's are great and the lamb is very good. They have a nice Sunday brunch. We often eat there when we are passing by and don't want to be too fancy. Try the dolmas, they are quite good. On some days they have a Greek buffet that is quite a good deal.

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Closed according to a Silver Spring Singular blog report from Sept. 2013.

Considering I used to walk to this shopping center on a regular basis, this is a big deal to me.

Chef Theo's was never any good, but it was a long-time fixture in White Oak Shopping Center, perhaps longer than any other restaurant there (doing a quick mental scan off the top of my head, I can't think of any surviving restaurant that even comes close to having preceded it).

There was a death associated with this restaurant, perhaps 10-15 years ago, and I can't remember exactly what it was. I'm sorry I don't remember the details, but I vaguely recall that the owner was shot a gas station in downtown Silver Spring - this could be entirely wrong, but there's something terrible that happened.

If someone could kindly do some research about it, so this post can be deleted, and proper respect be shown, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, cheezepowder.

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