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Pho Sai Gon & Grill, Chinatown - Closed

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On the other hand, so is McDonalds, and this is both cheap and better tasting than McDs. Not a great comparison, but that is the first thing that came to mind.

For DC Chinatown, I heard the Vietnamese place next to Kanlaya has decent Banh Mi. It's on 6th near H.

As for Eden Center, I still prefer Banh Mi So 1 for my banh mi -- very good tasting bread. The pickled vegetables are hit-or-miss depending on the day.

I tried out the banh mi at Pho Sai Gon Grill or whatever it is called next to Kanlaya Thai on 6th St. in Chinatown. They only sell one type. The bread came out of a plastic bag, and was topped with Vietnamese bologna, pate and char siu pork. The sandwich was super salty, and really needed more pickled veggies to balance it out. Really, really disappointing, especially at $4.13 including tax. As much as I wanted to like this place with the teenage son working as a cashier watching Judge Judy, the whole thing just made me antsy.

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