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Ordering Ingredients Online


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I feel like I have had dinner at a bunch of people's houses for which they have ordered at least several key ingredients online: marywidow peppers, ham, spices, crawfish, etc. How often/what kinds of foods are you ordering online and with with websites are you most pleased?

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Penzeys, King Arthur, and add (I have ordered from these and been satisfied):

Mo Hotta Mo Betta for any hot sauce needs. They do great gift baskets.

Williams-Sonoma also has good specialty items, and very good cheese by mail.

Dean & Deluca, also for specialty items, and very nice gifts baskets.

Camellia for authentic red beans - I get them by the case.

Tienda.com for authentic Spanish food products.

Thaigrocer.com for Thai food products and cookware.

Broadway Panhandler for cookware.

Wilton for cake decorating and baking supplies.

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Kelley's Katch for wonderful, affordable domestic caviar.

Bavaria Sausage for, well, Bavarian sausages and Aufschnitt.

Buon Italia for the wonderful Italian things you can buy in their shop at Chelsea Market in Manhattan.

Usinger's for more wonderful sausages and Aufschnitt

ChefShop.com for a panoply of goodies.

King Arthur Flour and Penzey's Spices, mentioned by others, have my enthusiastic endorsement as well (although Penzey's new magazine One leaves me positively frigid).

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So I was searching for a place to buy peppercorns in bulk, and I came across this site. Some of the prices are only OK, but the prices for peppercorns, whole nutmegs, and vanilla beans look pretty good, and shipping/handling is a flat $4.95 for orders over $50. Anyone interested in putting an order together?

Before you order form them take a look at www.surfasonline.com. Surfas has top quality stuff at very good prices. All the chefs in L.A. buy from them.

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