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Ruhlman/Keller Book Signing


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I had the opportunity to attend the book discussion last evening. I was surprised that the event was marked as being "sold out", considering there was room for many more to attend. Ruhlman was moderating the discussion. It was a rare opportunity to see both Ziebold and Keller discussing the new book, Under Pressure: Cook Sous Vide with Thomas Keller. I can not recall his name, but the gentleman responsible for originating sous vide cooking was there as well last evening. Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed to report that the event ran below my expectations. At one point during the presentation, Ruhlman shouted," Quiet everyone, Chef is speaking." I found the crowd of overzealous fans to be a bit inconsiderate. I admit I am a huge fan of Thomas Keller, but I was more interested in hearing what he had to say than listening to all the attendees talk about their trips to any one of Keller's restaurants, or whether or not anyone was going to have the opportunity to personally fawn over Keller.

As far as under promotion of this event, I completely agree. I found about this event through Metrocurean, and later on Rulhman's own blog. I am happy I was able to meet Keller. Perhaps the next event I am to attend, the fans will be a bit more respectful.

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