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Little Buddha Restaurant, City Vista - Not Opening

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I was perusing bisnow.com's real estate section, and saw this interesting clip:

"Cushman's Dave Dochter... recently signed Little Buddha, a Vegas-based restaurant, to space at 455 Mass [Ave NW]."

The Vegas Little Buddha looks pretty posh and trendy. They serve sushi, and it seems to be mostly favorable reviews. Could fill a niche downtown in Mt Vernon square, an area currently crying out for culinary options. Anyone been to the Vegas one at the Palms Hotel? Thoughts?

In the same post, they mention a restaurant group called BlackFinn Group (from sleuthing, it looks like a Chatlotte-based entertainment group) signing a lease at 3175 Wilson Blvd. which is between the Clarendon Ballroom and the new restaurant Eventide. (From the looks of the places the group has opened, I expect it to be cheesy and gimmicky. Just what Clarendon needs... yikes)


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During my 15 to 20 stays at The Palms in Vegas over the years, we have been to Little Buddha a handful of times. It is the type of place that you want to like, mostly because it is in the hotel and you can't eat every meal at N9NE, but we rarely had an above average experience. It is fine, they have a good scene, but the sushi is generally sloppy. Basically, it seems like it is a better place to go and "be seen" as opposed to "eat good food." Some places are able to do both, but Little Buddha is not one of them.

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