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Wing Hub, Downtown Bethesda - Wings and Burgers on Cordell and Norfolk Ave. - Closed

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New on Cordell - They look like a chain but the website is showing only one location, so maybe an attempt at a knockoff.

Tried a burger for lunch - Dry, overcooked flavorless hockey puck with poor bun. It was cheap for Bethesda ($4.99 + cheese). Fries - Limp not crispy.

They do have an all you can eat wings 4-7pm M-F (9.99) with varied sauces.

Will probably try that one afternoon but not holding out great hopes.

They have only been open for about a month, anyone else been?

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I went here a few nights ago and had the all you can eat special. The wings themselves were medium-sized and perfectly fried--crispy skin outside (with, I think, a light dusting of flour or batter) and moist, juicy meat on the inside. The sauces, though, were pretty underwhelming. I got 6 each of Old Bay, Old School (i.e. traditional buffalo style), and Blazing barbecue. There was nothing blazing about the barbecue sauce and there wasn't enough of the buffalo style sauce, which really wasn't spicy at all either. I had room for a few more wings and hoped for some more spice by upgrading to the next level of heat called "Red Hot" (there was only one other sauce hotter and that was called "Reckless and Dangerous"; I wasn't feeling that precarious). These, too, could have been much spicier and had more sauce. I hope they tweak the saucing some b/c the wings themselves were the best I've had in a long time and the owner was very friendly to everyone I saw; I'd like to give them more of my business.



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Went here today. Got 'Blazing BBQ' sauce with the wings. Decent wings, but nothing special. They 'smelled' spicy, but I've had far, far hotter. They are supposed to have an 'off the menu' blend that will make you run out of there with flames coming out of your mouth I am told. Fries were decent as well, but nothing special.

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Looked to be closed tonight. Didn't get a good look at the sign in the window, but seemed to be an application to transfer the beer/wine license to something called Maggie's.

Great, because what Bethesda really needs is another pizza place!


Wing Hubs wings took a dip in quality a while back...went from tasty small wings to bigger wings that weren't as good...but it was still nice to have them there.

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