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Hunan Cafe, Six Locations in Virginia

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Hunan Cafe has seven outposts. Over the past several weeks I've worked my way through eight or nine different carryout dishes but have found one that is absolutely outstanding: orange shrimp. The overall level of this place is heads and shoulders above any other "traditional" Chinese carryout in Western Fairfax County. Still, the orange shrimp is a seriously good dish worth going out of one's way for, at least for carryout.

I would rank this along with the "Wild Shrimp" at Thai Laung as the best shrimp dishes in the western Fairfax county suburbs. Thai Laung's is $22.95...

And, the orange shrimp at this strip shopping center store front is $12.95 and worth every penny.

I should also add that this is a particularly embarassing post: one doesn't typically write about store front carryout Chinese. The problem is that I can't stop thinking about the damned Orange shrimp. I'm actually considering TWO orders on my next visit: one for dinner and one for...breakfast.

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