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Rice Paddies Grill, Downtown Bethesda

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Just noticed this place today. Pho on the menu, but a very limited selection: Chicken and beef. (I'm guessing the beef is tai, not tái nam, sách or gân - didn't have time to actually do any investigating.)

Anybody tried it? Thoughts? Will hopefully be able to swing by later this week, though I don't have high hopes, as there seems to be a law stipulating that good pho may not be served within 9 miles of downtown DC.

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I was looking for pho that wasn't too far a drive from where I live, hoping that it would make me feel less sick. I found Rice Paddies on Yelp, and saw that they had pho amongst other Vietnamese food items. The pho doesn't have a ton of depth, but it hit the spot for me and I've definitely had worse. The rice noodles are fine, and all of them automatically come with rib eye and flank steak. It is pre-topped with scallions, jalapeno, cilantro, Thai basil, and bean sprouts. It costs the same at Pho 75, but didn't require my slogging along the Pike or on the highway.

They have a bunch of grilled items with rice and noodle bowls. They have a vegan version of pho, and they only have bottled drinks. No iced coffee here.

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