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It's kind of amazing to me - the fact that Marshall and I have been doing the blog for a year as of Friday, October 10th.

We went from "uh, I hear drinks are better with, uh, measured ingredients and fresh juice" to - well, whatever we are today.

In the meantime we've met a lot of great people, moved from LiveJournal to our own domain, and in general had a great time, had lots of great drinks, and I'd like to think helped people drink better in general.

To celebrate, we're going out on the town Friday night, and if you're around, we'd like y'all to join us.

Right now our tentative plan is just that - tentative and cloudy. I think we're planning on hitting Bourbon in Adams Morgan after work - let's call that around 6 - and some time after that we were thinking of going to Central Michel Richard. We miss Justin.

If you'd like to join us, we'll update this post with the exact plans as we determine them, and if you have any ideas, feel free to say them. We're not trying to overplan, but we'd love to see all y'all at least to say hi and have a cocktail or beer or two (or three or six or seven).

Other places we've talked about going: Urbana, Tabard Inn, Bar Pilar, etc.

If you're interested, feel free to post here also to let us know, or e-mail or PM one of us and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop.

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Just a small update. We are planning on starting off at Bourbon in Adam's Morgan around 5:30-6:00pm. We'll have a few drinks, eat a bite or two and just have a nice relaxed drink-filled time. Then we'll be heading down to Central to say hello to Justin and maybe have another bite or two.

After that, who knows!?!?! Depending on whether others show up or how we're feeling, Tabard Inn, Urbana, Bar Pilar, Cork are all on notice that we may show up. laugh.gif

If you're around and want to join us, just show up! If you need to get ahold, feel free to e-mail us or send us a PM. Both of us will have access to email on the go and I'll have my trusty Iphone for web access too. And if you contact us ahead of time, we'll be hooking people up with a phone number or two.


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Huge shout-out to Justin for his hospitality at Central. You've not only showed off how awesome your drinks are and how adept your barstaff is, but Marshall and my friends Roy and Danielle are now in love with Central as well.

Also, shout outs to Owen and Patrick at Bourbon, and to goodeats, who unfortunately got out of work just as I got off the Metro back in EFC, stuffed to the gills and wiped out from too much good food and drink.

It's been a helluva year, and I can't wait to see what the next one holds!

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Hey Everyone!

I've decided to hold a contest on Scofflaw's Den for original spring-inspired rye whiskey cocktails. Head over to The Den for the official rules and such. Official post here.

I'll (and maybe SeanMike if he wants to help judge) be picking the top three submissions.

Third place will be featured on Scofflaw's Den.

Second place will be featured and will receive a 50ml bottle of "Marshall's Mountain Moonshine Bitters."

First place will be featured and will receive a 100ml bottle of "Marshall's Mountain Moonshine Bitters" and a bottle of Templeton Rye.


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Hey guys,

I just announced our new feature on the Den - we're going to start covering craft cocktail menus for local DC area restaurants. Eventide and PS7 are already on there!


If you're running a craft cocktail bar, please contact me and we'll see about getting you added. Check out what we have already first, though, so you can see how we're handling it.

Thanks in advance!

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By the way folks: we're going to a weekly rotation of writing. I posted two weeks ago, last week Ashley posted about Ardbeg, and in the next two weeks Anthony and Marshall will have posts up, then me again. I won't update every single time we post but wanted to give you a head's up!

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Our comments are broken and I don't really care to fix them. On the other hand, I've gotten some very interesting comments on this post on Facebook, and would love to hear what others think:


This is a wonderful post, written by someone who knows. SeanMike, you are a model of courage, honesty, and just an all-around wonderful human being. Just remember you have people out here (like me!) who love you, and would be devastated if anything ever happened to you. That sounds trite, but it isn't at all. You're one of the very few, all-around wonderful human beings I know, and I am honored to call you a "friend."

Six months from now, if you find yourself in a dark cloud from which there's no escape, pick up the phone, call me, and I will drop everything, and come to your aid within *minutes*. Don't ever forget that. You helped me out when I was at my lowest point; I will do the same for you.

Please "Like" this post if you feel the same way, and PM SeanMike your phone number so he can have it at the ready.

You are loved, SeanMike, by a whole lot of people. And don't you ever forget it.

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