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Shaken, Not Stirred

Joe Riley

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Exhausting, but Interesting article no doubt....but it really comes down to personal preference.. I can read a 20 page article about how beneficial Salmon is..yet we opt for a double cheesburger ;) but bottom line is that I HATE salmon :P:D catsup vs.mustard salt vs. pepper etc.....

My personal belief and opinion is that Martinis and Manhattans should be stirred, not shaken...I have no problem agitating certain people...but drinks are another story :o I personally do not like Martinis..well, Vodka martinis-no taste whatsoever and it especially infuriates me when they are ordered without vermouth BORING!!!!!!!!! why are so many people afraid of vermouth??? It's what MAKES A MARTINI A MARTINI FOLKS!!!!

Gin, on the other hand, at least has taste and flavor, yet I do not understand why someone wants 3 oz of that spirit served straight. I love gin, but mixed with other ingredients. Again..to each his own

a manhattan is a beautiful thing, but I don't want a cloudy mess of ingredients that resembles turbid water strained into a glass after shaking one. I want a well balanced mixture of bliss poured into a glass that results from stirring that cocktail.

As for antidioxidants...add a few fresh berries onto the stick and drop in your martini...now at least you have some flavor and some color :P

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