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Vietnam Georgetown, Vietnamese on 29th and M Streets NW in Georgetown - Closed

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I don't think I'd been to Vietnam Georgetown since before the 1988 Baltimore Sun review was written (you know, the one that's pasted on their window for passersby to see).

This restaurant was a candidate for disappointment, so I ordered carefully, selecting the one dish I thought would have the greatest chance for success: Caramel Pork with Lemongrass ($11.75).

When I opened the container, I smiled, because I used to get dishes like this all the time, and I just never do anymore. Sliced pork, in a thin, brown sauce, served with little florets of frozen broccoli and a tiny container of rice.

$11.75 was too expensive for this portion, which was really a lunch size, and probably should have cost $7.95 or something like that. Fortunately, the sauce was thin, and not too sweet, and the lemongrass provided a nice undertone of zing. It was in the style of something you might find at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant, but not in a bad way. While I probably wouldn't come here and dine, I'd get this again for carryout if the price were a bit lower.


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Does this place still do a lunch buffet? When I use to work in G'town (1997-2003), they use to do a 5 item buffet: fried rice, lo-mein, veggies, chicken, and spring-rolls (cha gio), AYCE for about $8 or something like that. They made really good spring rolls, but for everything else, it was better across the street at Miss Saigon.

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Vietnam Georgetown, which was at 2934 M St. NW seemingly forever, was replaced by Little Viet Garden several years ago (this is the place that used to be at 3012 Wilson Blvd. in Clarendon), and I *think*, but am not sure, that its ownership was unrelated to the ownership of Vietnam Georgetown. (Thanks, SD)

Regardless, Little Viet Garden closed too, and 2934 M St. NW is now Pier 2934 Cajun Seafood.

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