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Inauguration Hours for Downtown DC Restaurants


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"as results come in" = as more restaurants pay the $200 special license fee. :P
That license fee is for the extended hours for serving liquor, correct? This is a list of those restaurants who responded to a survey on their hours for Jan 20th.

The list of those paying the license fee is here: http://capitalspice.wordpress.com/2009/01/...extended-hours/

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Actually the fee had to be paid by last Thursday. The issue right now for a lot of places in their voluntary agreements with their local ANC. They have to negotiate a waiver to stay open even if they are willing to pay the fee.

ABRA has lists of those restaurants who applied and are still negotiating re: their voluntary agreements. I know of at least one, Sticky Rice, that has gotten things worked out on their end.

I'm going to try to keep the Capital Spice map up to date as more restaurants and bars get added. They have until Thursday at 1PM to submit documentation that shows that they have reached an agreement with those who hold their voluntary agreements, at which point they are permitted to pay the fee and keep the extended hours.

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