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Smoked Fish


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Tough search subject; I don't know of any local fish smokers other than Neopol Savory, in Baltimore's Belvedere Square market, and her #1 is still salmon. DR thread here. Would love to find a local whitefish and/or bluefish smoker.

I hear ya! I've been to Neopol and admire some of their fare; it is plan B.

You want bluefish?!? I have your guy, Tyler's Tackle Shop and Crab House in Chesapeake Beach. http://www.tylerstackle.com/seafoodmenu.html

Do ya think we can talk him into smoking whitefish and some other fishes?

I'm so in the mood. And I am completely in the mood for a good raw bar. An oyster contest? I do fairly well - for a girl.

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I've had results ranging from okay to really good the three times I've tried smoking fish at home. There's a lot of info out there on the web as to brines and rubs. I've only done salmon but bluefish sounds yummy and worth a try once it's no longer 15 degrees out.

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