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The Roasting House - Closed

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I looked and was surprised that a thread had not been created for this place. It's a tiny storefront on Vermont between K and L that is open for breakfast and lunch, and just moving onto a client in this neighborhood I figured I'd try it out. All of the meats on the sandwiches and wraps are house-roasted and the soup of the day is prepped with fresh ingredients that day, something I have found is rare in these types of places. I got the Baked Potato Soup, which was a refeshing version of a soup that often comes very creamy and derives its flavors from its compliments (bacon, chives) as opposed to the main ingredient of the soup, the potato. The cup I had today appeared to contain little cream and actually tasted like the fresh-cut potatoes in it. Served piping hot, it was the perfect thing to go along with the Turkey and Brie Panini, which had the fresh roasted turkey, a healthy slice of brie, roasted red peppers, house-made tomato pesto, and a slice of tomato. I was really pleased with their effort on this sandwich, taking a sandwich I've had before that is typically be bland and giving it some character with the nice pesto and peppers. My wife had a Buffalo Chicken Salad, which was huge but rather unimpressive in terms of it being a true salad. It was 80% romaine, 10% chicken, and a total of 10% cabbage, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Everything tasted just fine, but if this was my place I would raise the price of the salad by $1.50 and add some of the delicious peppers that were on my sandwich along with some carrots, onions, etc. But that's just me, and my wife really enjoyed the offering.

Looking out the front window, you seen an ABP and a Subway on the block, both of which were crowded when I walked into a nearly empty Roasting House. It boggles my mind why anyone would choose to go to either of those establishments when this place is on the same block.

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