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In Defense of Free Trade: Roquefort $20/pound at Cheesetique!

Jill Cheese Lady

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Hello, Fellow Rockwellians,

This is Jill Erber, owner of Cheesetique in Alexandria. I read with great interest this morning’s Washington Post front-page article about the newly-imposed “Roquefort tariff” which will certainly make this outstanding product (and mainstay of our inventory) all but unavailable. I wrote my own response to the article and posted it on my web site this morning and I hope you all take a look (www.cheesetique.com). We also launched a new "free-trade" promotion where we will sell our best-tier Roquefort Papillon at $20/lb.

Here is a link to the original Post article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...AR2009012804071

Best to you all,


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