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Some interesting reactions on Chowhound:


Good grief. I don't think I've ever read so much bent-out-of-shape nonsense as the commenters on that thread. They were conflating this kid with online videos of another older boy who was pretending to be Gordon Ramsay and with a NY Times columnist who is writing about cooking with his son.

I don't think any of those commenters are parents. If they were they would be much less judgmental about a child who is playing at a role he has seen on television, which all kids like to do. Obviously his mother has encouraged and enabled his imaginative play and has allowed him to explore his interest in cooking by helping him and providing age-appropriate tools for him to chop, etc. If any of them had an adorable, precocious kid and a video camera, they might have done the same, rather than accusing the mother of exploiting her child.

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